The Anti-Gay Pastor Behind The “Two And A Half Men” Controversy

As a rule, any time someone makes a crazy statement about Satan and cultural degeneracy, you can count on some homophobia lurking in the background. That’s proven the case in the controversy around Two and a Half Man actor Angus T. Jones.

In an interview with Christopher Hudson of Forerunner Chronicles, a Seventh Day Adventist ministry, Jones describedthe source of his $350,000-per-episode paycheck as “filth” and called on people not to watch the show if they didn’t want to jeopardize their souls.

Jones has since apologized to his co-workers (although we suspect they won’t be his co-workers much longer).

It’s no surprise that Jones’ guru Hudson has some zany beliefs that should come with their own laugh track. Among them is his willingness to compare President Obama’s pro-gay policies with Hitler’s edicts, because we all know what a fruit fly old Adolph was. Hudson has called masturbation an “unnatural act” and has produced a documentary in which he charges Jay-Z with being a Freemason with links to Satan.

Just to prove that he’s an equal opportunity hater, however, Hudson believes that Pope Benedict was involved in a conspiracy surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. With this track record, can it be long before Hudson is a leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016?

Photo: FrontRunner

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  • Red_Dragon_888

    Crazy is what crazy does.

  • Bob LaBlah

    That pastor has GAY written all over his face. I bet you a dollar he is only INTO white boys, if you get my drift. I wonder if he had this little dummy stand naked before “god” and confess his sins?
    Imagine what he did if those boys who stood before him naked got an erection while confessing. HARD to picture? Not for me.

  • hyhybt

    $350,000 an episode when he’s not even *in* most of them a minute these days?

  • Diesel69

    Agreed—That dude is 100% Judy Garland GAY—And yes by the look in his little Gay eyes—Hes into little White Boys—–The Lord has Spoken–Let his truth be known–That preacher is GAY—-

  • kingkuy

    @hyhybt: that’s the shit that kills me. if you feel so strongly against the show then quit… simple as that

    i’m pretty sure the last thing he feels when he sees his pay check every month is remorse

    the only thing filthy about this situation is this lying little hypocrite

  • hyhybt

    @kingkuy: It’s not always as simple as “if you don’t like it, quit.” There are such things as contracts, and this may simply be his way of getting out of his.

  • Sukhrajah

    Did he try to out-Sheen Charlie?

    When will Hollywood realize – if you’re a B list celebrity – shut up, collect your paychecks and you’ll be happy. Good LORD, you then open your unintelligent and un-eloquent mouth, to throw shade on your bread and butter. Where else do you think that you are going to see that kind of money for doing so little?

    Oh well, career over, I assume. It’s a hell of a day when you literally make a network head, or an exec. producer re-examine a casting, to see that they are spending good money on a ‘prop’ that’s not worth it anyway, and that prop happens to be you…

    Best of luck going forward for this child, because he is going to need it. Kirk Cameron only has enough work for one…

  • FStratford


    That BS. Non A list actors don’t have exclusive contracts.

  • the other Greg

    @FStratford: Oh no, how could the audience deal with a replacement Jake, that would be worse than Darren #2 on “Bewitched”!

  • hyhybt

    @FStratford: Who said anything about exclusive? It’s not even limited to acting, much less A listers; people in all sorts of occupations are bound by contracts to complete the work they’ve agreed to, and can’t just walk off easy as that.

    Forget employment, even: it’s no different in principle than the sort of contracts people sign with phone companies. If you still have a year left with AT&T, then you can’t just stop paying them. You’ve agreed to send them $x a month for the next twelve months, whether you want to or not, and they’ve agreed to provide you with phone service, whether you use it or not. To get out, you have to cough up extra money. Now, it’s not an exclusive contract: if, instead of switching, you want to *add* more phones, you can get them elsewhere. Carry around a sackful of them, all on different providers, if that’s what makes you happy. But that won’t get you out of having to pay AT&T.

    If you agree to build someone a house, and after pouring the foundation say “nah, I don’t want to do this anymore,” assuming you don’t bankrupt or skip town they will sue you, even if you’ve only been paid for the part you’ve finished, because it’s not what you’d agreed to do. Why would this be any different? According to some article or other the day this began, he’s signed up to go another year. Why would they not be able to hold him to that, or else at least collect quite a lot back from him (which he may well not have anymore in the first place; this move and his choice of church makes him look only marginally more intelligent than his character) for leaving? The terms for getting fired are probably more favorable, and of course if ratings tank and there *is* no next year, he’s off the hook anyway.

  • hyhybt

    @the other Greg: No need for a replacement Jake. Or to kill him off, either, though it would certainly be plausible enough for someone in the army to get killed. He already mainly appears on the computer this season; it would be simple, almost unnoticeable even, to transition him to an invisible character, referenced and perhaps spoken to on the phone but never actually seen or heard.

  • Dionte

    Best place to spread hate is through these fake religions.

  • Ogre Magi

    How was it he got into this religion in the first place?

  • kayakriver

    @Dionte: so right!

  • FranklyMrShankly

    Seventh Day Adventists. What a bunch of whack jobs. Proof: They don’t believe that dinosaurs ever existed. It’s always the fringiest of fringy religious groups that attempt to make gays look like the freaks.

    So what’s Angus T. Jones gonna do next? Move to Dayton Ohio?

  • kimi_roux

    Correction: Christopher Hudson of Forerunner Chronicles is NOT a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church nor is the Forerunner Chronicles a ministry operated by the SDA church. If interested, read the article on this story and a link towards the end of the article of the official response from the SDA church regarding actor Angus T. Jones –

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