The Arguments Against Gay Marriage Are Getting More and More Ridiculous

Sometimes you just need a laugh, and anti-gay marriage bigots often provide the punchline. Right-y radio host Dennis Prager hit Larry King Live last night in a match up with Perez Hilton, who thanks to Miss California appears to be our only hope in explaining gay marriage to America. (This is not a positive development.)

Says Prager: “I would like children to be raised to believe that when they grow up they will get married. And that they are not asked when they are six or seven years old, ‘Will you marry a boy or a girl?’ I think there’s enough sexual confusion in the life of children not to add that. I want gays to have every right, however, redefining marriage is not called for.”

You know, because letting men marry men, or women marry women, somehow will start a nationwide quiz on children’s sexuality!

Meanwhile, listen to Prager explain why letting gays get married should not be compared to letting people of mixed races get married. It’s embarrassing.