The “Asian Underworld” Theme At This Year’s Black Party Is Definitely Not Racist. Nope. Nosiree!

If you’ve followed the history of New York’s infamous Black Party, then you know, in addition to orgiastic hijinks and erotic stage shows, the 32-year-old event usually has a pretty weird theme that no one can seem to wrap their head around.

Last year it was some kind of gay Human Centipede concept and we seem to remember a Nascar/paintball theme a few years back.

Our BFFs at Next Magazine got the dish on the theme for Black Party 2012, being held March 24 at Roseland Ballroom:

This year, as you may have noticed from their teaser ads, has an Asian theme which they have dubbed Yakuza: Asian Underworld. No, it’s not a rice-queen fetish thing—well, [not] completely. The previously announced DJs do include one Asian export in the form of electro DJ Satoshi Tomiie, alongside Hector Romero and favorites Chus + Ceballos.

Looking at the ad above, though, we are getting a little objectification vibe. But maybe that’s just because fetish parties are inherently about sexually objectifying people and things (in a totally cool, sex-positive way)?

Sadly, hearing Pevner describe it doesn’t make it any clearer:

After a first date at your favorite sushi restaurant with someone just slightly out of your league, you find yourself as a couple on an orgiastic Amazing Race and wake up not being able to distinguish reality from a sake-infused wet dream…

[This year’s theme evokes] the seedy maze of back alley brothels, old fashion tattoo parlors and current Tokyo squalor.

Okay, so sushi, tattoos and squalor. Got it.

Wait, what?

Oh hell, we’ll just do what everyone does and wear a black leather harness.

What do you think, Queerty readers? Is an Asian theme just as fair game as, say, an Old West or futuristic theme? Or is this getting into Madame Butterfly territory? Share your thoughts in the comments.