The Atlantic Joins Mainstream-Media Bandwagon Calling Gay “Normal.” For Shame!



In it’s current July/August issue, The Atlantic laid out the 14 biggest ideas of the year (evergreen lists are always good for those slow summer months). Along with the notions that privacy is all but dead and that the Arab Spring was based on economic woes, the magazine included the radical idea that being gay is normal. Certainly we’ve known that for some time, and the rest of the country has been warming up to the idea for a few years now. But with marriage equality in New York and New Hampshire, the repeal of DADT and President Obama stepping away from DOMA, 2011 really does feel like a tipping point. (Atlantic readers were invited to weigh in on the issue here.)

The feature also makes another, more disturbing point: That anti-gay forces have flipped the script and now portray themselves as the “oppressed majority.”

Atlantic editor Jonathan Rauch has a short but brilliant response to those clowns (one we should all memorize in case we find ourselves on Fox News opposite Maggy Gallagher):

“In a country where evangelicals outnumber self-identified gays by at least 10 to 1, and where anti-gay bullying is endemic in schools, and where same-sex couples cannot marry in 45 states, and where countless gay Americans cannot even get their foreign partners into the country, much less into a hospital room—here, we’re supposed to believe that gays are the bullies?”


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