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The Awesome Collapse Of Australia PM Julia Gillard’s Marriage Discrimination Platform

So how is Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s campaign against same-sex marriage — or even letting her party take a “conscious” vote on the issue — going? Horribly!

Julia Gillard has agreed to consider overturning the government’s support for an Australian Greens’ plan that would open the way for the nation’s first same-sex marriage laws after an angry revolt by Labor MPs. Only 24 hours after Labor announced its support for Bob Brown’s proposal to water down the commonwealth’s veto over territory laws, the Prime Minister said she had “sought further advice on the issue” and “the government may reconsider the matter”.

Ms Gillard faced a widespread revolt yesterday as Labor senators, led by one of her key supporters in the leadership coup last year, Don Farrell, demanded Labor overturn its support for the Greens plan. Senator Brown’s proposed legislation would have removed the commonwealth veto used by the Howard and Rudd governments to ban euthanasia and restrict same-sex marriage. Ms Gillard and her long-time ally, Simon Crean, are being accused of not consulting the back bench properly and of giving too much ground to the Greens, as Labor now faces a divisive debate over euthanasia and same-sex marriage.

Since taking office, Gillard has refused to shift her Labour Party’s opposite to gay marriage. But then some Aussie states tried introducing their own measures, and so she sort of agree to a compromise, but a day later had to backtrack because conservative members of her party are pissed with her. I’d almost feel bad for the woman, were she not a nasty bigot.