The Awesome Trans-Friendly Argentine Bank Ad You Need to See

So, Monica Roberts, author of the blog TransGriot totally hates Queerty readers. According to her, you’re ” emblematic of the selfishness, privilege, racism and transphobia inherent in some elements of the GL community”, because we’re pretty stingy with our comment-moderation and some of you say some thoughtless stuff about transgender folks sometimes. We’ve invited Monica multiple times to come talk with us, but she’d rather yell at you from the safety of her own blog, which is too bad for everyone.

But today’s attack, in which she shows off a new, wonderfully heart-warming ad featuring a positive transgender message from an Argentinian bank, prompted her to say, “maybe some of Queerty’s readers need to see this.” And hey, it’s a great ad, so check it out. Between this ad and news that the country overturned its gay military ban, we’re seriously thinking about pulling a Che and heading off to Argentina for a spell.