The Battle Of Words Between Eloquent Gay Political Scribes Glenn Greenwald + Andrew Sullivan

Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald is fighting with The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan over President Obama’s not-so-secret approval of executing American citizens (suspected of terrorism) living overseas without any due process. Andrew is all like, “Kill those suckers!,” and Glenn is all like, “What about the Constitution?,” and I’m all like, “Oh just rip each other’s clothes off and fuck already!”

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  • uu

    Is that an iridescent shirt or just his mouldy brain leaking from his ears? Perhaps it’s simply vomit spontaneously ejected from trembling passers-by at first sight.
    In all fairness, I haven’t studied the issue at all and the guy is probably a splendid person.

  • the crustybastard

    So Andrew’s all, “fuck ’em.”

    And Glenn’s all like, “and our Constitution?”

    Then Barack’s like, “I believe that we can work toward compromise and reconciliation, where I can deliver to all interested parties at least some of what they want. To that end, I’d like to announce my new plan called, ‘fuck our Constitution.'”

  • glennmcgahee

    Why is anybody reading or caring what Andrew Sullivan writes? He became irrelevent years ago when he supported the War in Iraq then did not support it when it became unpopular. He’s for whoever is in power at the moment. He loved Bush and he loves Obama. Oh wait, they really aren’t any differences between the two. Never mind.

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