The Bears Are Coming!

From the editor: I remember growing up in Ohio and seeing really low-budget commercials hyping country music shows or gospel shows or trucking shows – you know, good old middle American shit.

Now, fast-forward 147 years, and I see this commercial for the “Bearapalooza Road Trip” and realize that we gays may have finally made our mark on blue-collar American culture.


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  • gaycurmudgeon

    Wait, Daniel Cartier is a BEAR now?

  • CitizenGeek

    Ugh, the whole Bear thing is really terrible! :(

  • Brian

    What’s wrong with bears?

  • jarvisbearcub

    about time!!!!!!!

    when will a bear be on the cover of the advocate?

  • CitizenGeek


    It’s just all so horribly crude and lacking in any kind of class. Also, it’s essentially a sexual fetish and I really hate the fact that sexual fetishes (like that whole leather thing) are publicly celebrated within gay circles in the US. Basically.

  • CondeNasty

    Hey CG, since when is a bear a fetish. Its a type like twinks, DILF’s, or GymRats…

  • CitizenGeek

    No, no; it’s very definitely a sexual fetish. If it was just a harmless label for overweight, overtly hairy, old gay men, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Thing is, it’s not just a harmless label. It’s a bona-fide sexual fetish, with a whole sub-culture all of it’s own. It irks me to no end that “bears” parade their sexual fetish at public pride events, as if it was something suitable for minors (who have every right to be there) or as if most gays accept it (which they probably do, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in disliking it).

  • Brian

    Yes I know I am a bad gay for not weighting under 200 pounds and waxing my chest hair. I know its bad I do not know the fashion world and all the happenings going in New York City or LA. Yes for some people that go to these events for sex. Just like there are people that get liquored up and cruise the bars for Gay Pride. I guess for a person like me that lives in fly over country and lives in a small gay community it is nice to hang out with similar men and fit in.

  • l

    CG – “parade their sexual fetish”!!? Don’t you see you’re using the same language of the people who want you to shut up, get in the closet, and pretend to date women?

  • Amber LeMay

    CitizenGeek: What if a bear had a baby?

  • [email protected]

    the whole “bear” thing is as lame as any other label…whatevs

  • CondeNasty

    I don’t know CG, it is definitely a slippery slope. There are people that make a fetish out of everything under the sun. Guys in sports kits, guys in suits etc. So it is difficult for me to view a subset like this as a bonafide fetish. Sure there are guys who fetishize body hair, but in reality it is a bar nite or gathering for men who want to meet hirsuit men in the same way that a bar has a college night to attract a twinkie crowd. It is about going to a place where you will fit-in.

  • GranDiva

    So wait a minute…

    I’m black and a bear. Does that make me a double fetish for white twinks?

    Really, CitizenGeek, think before you speak.

  • hells kitchen guy

    While I definitely don’t agree with CG – I think bears are A-OK and have every right to be who they are, celebrate their bearness etc. (as long as it doesn’t come with an automatic putdown of guys who DO work out, don’t have body hair, etc. – and let’s face it, some of this bear stuff is as judgmental as any Chelsea muscle queen on the other side of the divide) – I think it’s time to say, OK, we get it. They’re accepted as part of the gay landscape already! Aren’t they supposed to hibernate half the year?


    It’s great to see Bearapalooza getting some coverage! We love those guys at

  • leomoore

    Well I guess those of us who are old, overweight, or hairy or some combination of the three should all just turn in our gay credentials and euthanize ourselves. That way all the beautiful, gay men don’t have to see such distasteful sights. Hairy is not a choice since one is or isn’t. Old is not a choice either, but maybe that’s why some dislike old trolls like myself. It forces them to realize that youthful beauty is ephemeral.

    Such requirement to conform reminds me of those who don’t like gay people in general.

  • Mr C

    Bears rule and I am a part of that community. However, it has it issues like all communities. But as for the Bearapalooza and Bears on The Run concert tours. They suit that part of that community that likes it. Just like everythng else. If you like it support it, and if not don’t

    They’re no better than the Twinks, and muscle queens, etc. All the same

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