The Unexpected Can Be Endlessly Entertaining

The Best Four Seconds Of Your Gay Life

A few months back we profiled a gay named Thom Elsemiller and his adorable dogs, including Catie The Amazing Polkadotted Pooch. Well, late last night, as we edited pictures for a forthcoming feature, we came across a video of the aforesaid Katie The Amazing Polkadotted Pooch. “That’s queer,” we thought, “We didn’t even know our camera had video!” Curious to see what snippet of life had been captured, we viewed the four-second video and proceeded to waste about three minutes watching it on repeat.

After much soul – and memory – searching, we’ve decided that those initial four seconds were the best four seconds of our gay lives. As you’ll see, there are immeasurable amounts of humor in the unexpected, inexplicable and, most importantly, immature.