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The best LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows coming to streaming in April 2023

Image Credits: ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ HBO (left); ‘A League Of Their Own,’ Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (center); ‘Schmigadoon!,’ AppleTV+ (right)

Yes, it’s April 1, but we’re not joking: There are a lot of great queer movies and TV shows headed to streaming this month.

Across the major platforms, this month will see the premiere of buzzy and beefy new limited series, second seasons of two (very different) beloved musical comedies, and new streaming homes for some gay cinema classics, new and old.

As is Queerty tradition, we’ve put together a guide to the best of the queer and queer-adjacent series and films coming to streaming this month to help you stay on top of it all. Whether you use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, or Hulu (or some combo of the four), we have your can’t-miss recommendations for each.

So, get those watch lists ready; it’s going to be a very gay April.

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What’s new and gay on Netflix in April 2023

A League Of Their Own (April 1)

Before it was a super queer TV show, it was a (sub-textually queer) crowd-pleaser—starring Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Lori Petty, Madonna, and our fairy gay godmother, Rosie O’Donnell—about the underdog Rockford Peaches during the first season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Funny, emotional, and endlessly quotable, it’s a movie responsible for an entire generation’s worth of sexual awakenings

Beef (April 6)

Screen crush Steven Yeun and comedian/recent Drag Race guest judge Ali Wong play two strangers who become entangled in some all-consuming beef after a road rage incident in this buzzy new limited series. The logline is intriguing enough, but we’ve also been told there’s a queer storyline—plus the cast includes beefcakes Young Manzino and Joseph Lee—so we’ll absolutely be tuning in!

Amazon Prime Video’s LGBTQ+ offerings in April 2023

Bros (April 4)

Forget the narratives around its history-making bona fides, or the boundless theories as to why so few people turned up to theaters to actually see it: Bros is a genuinely sweet and funny rom-com, with a killer cast to boot! Billy Eichner makes for a compelling—and complicated—romantic lead, and Luke Macfarlane gives a star-making turn as his foil, as they navigate the ups and downs of dating in our modern gay world.

Dead Ringers (April 21)

Back in the ’80s, David Cronenberg delivered a psychosexual mindf*ck with the Jeremy Irons-starring (times two!) thriller Dead Ringers. Now that cult classic has inspired a modern, queer TV update with two times the mommy. That’s right, Rachel Weisz (The Mummy, The Favourite) pulls double-duty as Elliot and Beverly Mantle, identical twin gynecologists whose careers and sex lives get tangled in some truly shocking ways.

What’s gay on the way to HBO Max in April 2023

The Blue Lagoon (April 1)

If you know one thing about the The Blue Lagoon, it’s probably the fact that it’s about young cousins (Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins) who get stranded on a tropical island and hook up. So, no, it’s not a queer movie, per se—actually it’s a rather batsh*t movie, if we do say so ourselves. But its that very insanity, and the fact that it was a formative viewing experience for many young gays, that makes it a camp classic.

Somebody Somewhere, Season 2 (April 23)

Bridget Everett has long been one of our favorite comics, perhaps best known for her uproarious, sexually charged cabaret act. Well, she tones things down—just a little—to star in this gentle small-town-comedy about a woman who moves back to her hometown after her sister’s death. Season two allows us to spend more time with these characters—played by LGBTQ+ talent like Jeff Hiller and Murray Hill—we’ve grown to love so much.

The best and queerest on Hulu this April 2023

Moulin Rouge! (April 1)

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl is a courtesan and a star performer at famed Parisian cabaret who also happens to be dying of tuberculosis—tale as old as time! But, truly, Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! is a feast for the senses, a dazzling musical spectacle featuring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor singing their hearts out to tunes from Queen, Elton John, and more. It’s still a gag, 20-plus years later.

34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards (April 12)

We gays love awards shows, so we can’t resist tuning in to see this year’s GLAAD Media Awards, a ceremony in which some of our favorite gays turn up to hand out trophies to more of our favorite gays (its a tradition we’re fond of, too). The year will see Bad Bunny, Jeremy Pope, and perennial ally Christina Aguilera all receive special achievement awards, with performances from Fletcher and masked country crooner Orville Peck.

Also don’t miss…

Schmigadoon!, Season 2 on AppleTV+ (April 5)

In its first season, Schmigadoon! took an ingenious concept and made it sing, lovingly skewering the Golden Age of musicals like The Music Man and, of course, Brigadoon. This time around, the show undergoes a clever makeover, taking Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key’s bored lovers to a darker, sexier musical world: Schmicago, which sends up the work of Bob Fosse and other edgier shows from the ’60s and ’70s.

Mrs. Davis on Peacock (April 20)

The 1980s-set wrestling dramedy GLOW made Betty Gilpin an icon in the eyes of a certain sub-sect of viewers (read: gay), so it’s high time the actress gets to lead a series of her own. And, get this: In Mrs. Davis, she plays a feisty nun who follows a higher calling to single-handedly take on an all-knowing, all-powerful AI service. Co-created by LOST and The Leftovers mastermind Damon Lindelof, it’s sure to be one wild, surreal ride.