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The best LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows coming to streaming in October 2023

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Don we now our gay apparel: “Gay Christmas,” a.k.a. Halloween, is imminent.

It’s finally October, which means queers’ powers are growing in the lead-up to one of our favorite holidays. And, of course, while you’re getting your skimpy/campy/glamorous/entirely-too-niche-of-a-reference costume ready, you’re going to need some great, spooky movies and TV shows to watch…

Thankfully, the major streamers have got you covered, with plenty of scary good classics new and old to get you into the Halloween spirit. But aside from a smattering of seasonally appropriate selections, there’s also plenty of exciting new stuff to discover: Pirate comedy Our Flag Means Death is ready to hit the high seas once again, Netflix’s soapy Spanish stalwart Elite is coming back for more sex and scintillation, and the highly anticipated Fellow Travelers is about to deliver a fiery, decade-spanning romance for the ages.

Whether you use Netflix, Prime Video, Max (formerly HBO Max), Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, Tubi—or some combo of the those—Queerty has your can’t-miss recommendations for each.

So, get those watch lists ready; it’s going to be a very gay October.

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What’s new and gay on Netflix in October 2023

Spotlight: Elite, Season 7 (October 20)

There’s just no stopping this sexy Spanish soap! So long as its horny cast of characters can’t keep their hands to themselves, there’s always going to be plenty of drama to go around on Elite. Though everyone’s favorite heartthrob Manu Ríos is tragically sitting out this season, there’s plenty else to get excited about, including the return of Omar Ayuso and a mysterious guest role for Brazilian pop star Anitta. And, if nothing else, we’d bet money on the fact that (at least) two of the guys will hook up in the locker room at some point, so ¡vamos!

Also Don’t Miss:

  • The Night Logan Woke Up, Season 1 (Oct. 1): Queer French-Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother) created and stars in this limited series about a family haunted by the past.
  • Everything Now, Season 1 (Oct. 5): Breakout star of horror Talk To Me Sophie Wilde stars in this Aussie high school dramedy chock-full of queer characters.
  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Season 1 (Oct. 12): From the creator of The Haunting Of Hill House and Bly Manor comes another eerie tale, this one inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Surviving Paradise, Season 1 (Oct. 20): An eclectic cast of hot, young, spoiled people think they’re filming a reality show in a luxe, tropical villa—but instead have to survive the wilderness just outside.

Amazon Prime Video’s LGBTQ+ offerings in October 2023

Spotlight: Totally Killer, 2023 (October 6)

Queer writer-director Nahnatchka Khan (Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23) helms this clever throwback horror pastiche, which sees Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka playing teen Jamie whose mother was the “Final Girl” of a serial massacre back in the ’80s. But when the Sweet Sixteen Killer returns, a strange event sends Jamie back to 1987, where she has to team up with the younger, Mean Girl version of her mom to stop the masked vigilante from striking again—and get herself back to the present day before she’s trapped in the past forever.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Legally Blonde, 2001 (Oct. 1): As Queerty‘s pal Lagonna Bloo reminds us with her latest bubblegum-pop single, Elle Woods is a hero to queens and queers everywhere.
  • James Bond Film Collection (Oct. 1): Whether you think the 007 movies are high camp or you just want the spy for yourself—shaken, not stirred—this film franchise has long been a gay favorite.
  • The Apartment, 1960 (Oct. 1): At the time of the Hays Code, this all-time-great rom-com with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine managed to tell a universal story both progressive and timeless.
  • The Birdcage, 1996 (Oct. 1): One of the highest grossing LGBTQ+ themed films of all time is also a complete blast—and isn’t that a relief?

What’s gay on the way to Max in October 2023

Spotlight: The Matthew Shepard Story: An American Hate Crime (October 9)

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s cruel and untimely passing at the hands of homophobic bullies. Just 22 years old, the student’s murder rocked the nation—its reverberations still felt to this day. Featuring interviews with Shepard’s family and close friends, journalists, community members, and a handful of famous figures deeply affected by the events (including Rosie O’Donnell and Adam Lambert), this documentary aims to honor his name and trace the complicated progress society has made since.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Scream Scream 3 (Oct. 1): For all you “Spooky Season” devotees, it’s helpful to know where you can stream all the horror classics this time of year!
  • Our Flag Means Death, Season 2 (Oct. 1): The riotously funny and surprisingly queer pirate comedy returns, follow “Gentleman Pirate” Stede Bonnet as he tries to win back his ex, Blackbeard.
  • Doom Patrol, Season 4 (Oct. 12): Say farewell to one of the quirkiest, most charming superhero shows out there, which counts Matt Bomer among its eclectic, lovable cast.
  • The Gilded Age, Season 2 (Oct. 29): Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey followup returns, taking us back to late 19th Century New York City for more endlessly watchable cattiness and b*tchery.

The best and queerest on Hulu this October 2023

Spotlight: Living For The Dead, Season 1 (October 18)

If you’ve been waiting on Queer Eye‘s Fab Five to make over a ghost, well, you’re in luck—sort of! Executive producer and narrated by Kristen Stewart, this unscripted series follows a fabulous five-some of paranormally gifted queers as the travel to the most haunted places in the country, all in an attempt to communicate with the dead so they can help the living. Getting around in a Mystery Machine-style camper, this eclectic bunch is a total blast, featuring the iconic “retired drag queen”/Ghosted! podcast host Roz Hernandez.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Interview With The Vampire, 1994 (Oct. 1): Now that everyone’s (rightfully) obsessed with the AMC series, why not revisit the homoerotic undead bromance of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt?
  • Bob’s Burgers, Season 14 (Oct. 2): It’s nothing short of a miracle that this delightful, inclusive animated series maintained its high level of quality for 12 years and counting.
  • Dalíland, 2023 (Oct. 12): If you missed its quiet release earlier this year, this Ben Kingsley-starring Salvador Dalí biopic does explore the artist’s complicated relationship with sexuality.
  • American Horror Stories, Season 3 (Oct. 26): Like the main series, this has been a mixed bag, but at least the stories aren’t a season long? So we’re still curious about this four-part Halloween event!

All the gay stuff on the way to Paramount+ in October 2023

Spotlight: Fellow Travelers, Season 1 (October 27)

We’ve been screaming about this one for a while now (then screaming even louder after those beach photos of stars Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey leaked), so surely you’re aware of this historical fiction series. Spanning decades, the story begins in D.C. at the height of McCarthyism—when anti-communist anxiety brought about the Lavender Scare—following the star-crossed romance and intense sexual dynamics of two government employees through the Gay Liberation movement, into the ’80s and the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • In & Out, 1997 (Oct. 1): Ready to marry the love of his life, a small-town teacher (Kevin Kline) gets the surprise of his life when a former student outs him… at the Oscars! Ah, cinema!
  • Midnight Cowboy, 1969 (Oct. 1): This urban hustler drama is the only X-rated film the ever win Best Picture, and one of the earliest to ever touch on queer themes in any real way.
  • Moonstruck, 1987 (Oct. 1): If you haven’t seen this Cher classic yet… Snap out of it!
  • The Boys In The Band, 1970 (Oct. 1): The late William Friedkin helmed this landmark gay film, based off the Matt Crowley play of the same name.

Peacock’s upcoming LGBTQ+ releases this October 2023

Spotlight: Chucky, Season 3 – Part 1 (October 4)

Created by Don Mancini, Chucky’s been for the gays since the very beginning. But, with the TV series, the slasher franchise has finally made space for queer characters and themes—and its more nuanced than you might imagine considering its about a maniacal, murderous doll. Somehow, Season 3 finds Chucky infiltrating the White House and planning an insurrection of his own. Pointed satire will no doubt ensue. But how’d he get there, and how can his former owner Jake (Zackary Arthur) stop him? We’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Death Becomes Her, 1992 (Oct. 1): You want to talk about a mother off? Watch Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as dueling divas who are—ingeniously, cartoonishly, hilariously—immortal.
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer Trilogy (Oct. 1): Gay Scream scribe Kevin Williamson also created this teen slasher series, perfect for an October movie night with the girls.
  • Scream 4, 2011 (Oct. 1): Speaking of, remember when we said it’s helpful to know where all the classics are streaming? Well, for the complete Scream marathon, don’t forget about Peacock.
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s, 2023 (Oct. 25): Hunger Games‘ cutie Josh Hutcherson stars in this horror video game adaptation, that is likely not queer at all, but honestly? It has potential to be fun!

Here’s what’s queer coming to Tubi in October 2023

Spotlight: Maurice, 1987 (October 15)

Based on E.M. Forster’s acclaimed novel, Maurice is the story of the eponymous young man (James Wilby) who has his queer awakening while attending Cambridge, falling for his rich and handsome friend, Clive (Hugh Grant). The two eventually confess their feelings for one another and begin a passionate romance—albeit one that’s strictly above the belt, out of fear of being ostracized (or worse) at a time of strict social mores. From the celebrated duo of Merchant-Ivory, this period romance is an exceptional adaptation that’ll still make you swoon.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • The Imitation Game2014 (Oct. 1): Yes, the father of the modern computer was a friend of Judy! This Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) biopic leaves a lot to be desire, but it’s still fascinating.
  • A League Of Their Own, 1992 (Oct. 1): They say there’s no crying in baseball, but we shed happy tears every time we rewatch this classic with Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell.
  • Ma, 2019 (Oct. 1): “Don’t make me drink alone!”—a mantra if we’ve ever heard one! Which is exactly why this Octavia Spencer-starring horror is a scary good time.
  • All That Jazz, 1979 (Oct. 1): The story of Bob Fosse (sort of), as told by Bob Fosse. Dazzling, dark, and daring, it remains a crucial cornerstone of movie musical history.
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