The 10 Best Responses to the ‘Gathering Storm’


It may have been out for a few weeks now, but the Internets can’t get enough of the National Organization for Marriage’s hilarious “Gathering Storm” ad. If the measure of an epic fail is how quickly and widely it’s parodied on YouTube, then Maggie Gallagher and the tools at NOM may have won the prize. In a way, we’re thankful to NOM for blatantly showing the nation how ludicrous the arguments against gay marriage are. Seriously, the ad may just greatest thing ever created for LGBT rights. And while the spot is one big can of stormy crazy, we’re pretty impressed by how many of you have taken it upon yourselves to improve the ad. Here our are 10 favorite NOM responses. Put on your galoshes, folks, there’s a storm coming.

Props for the professional styling throughout, plus the potpourri of scary conservative issues thrown in for the hell of it. Thank god groups like R.I.M Job are watching out for us.

Of all the serious responses to the ad, Sean Chapin’s is our favorite. Sure, he bleeds into the chroma-key background, but the points he make our not just accurate, but heartfelt. All joking aside, gay rights groups should look at ads like these the next time they decide to create their own. They could learn a thing or two.

Though they didn’t get asked, you just know Sarah Palin and John Cornyn wish they could have been in the original “Gathering Storm” ad. Well, now they are thanks to this brilliant XtraNormal-created ad.

Another XtraNormal-created ad, this time featuring the actors talking about how they sold out their souls to be in this ad. Seriously, we wonder what sort of actor would take on a job like this. Do they not know the gays rule Hollywood?

There’s a whole segment of NOM-responses that consist solely of dramatic readings of the ad. There’s something about a dorky boy in a striped turtleneck reading bigoted copy that seems so right, don’t you think?

Here’s the inevitable and absolutely appropriate mash-up of the NOM ad and “It’s Raining Men.” We’d really like to see some enterprising DJ rework the ad’s lines into this song a bit more artfully, if only to see whether the gays at Tubway would riot.

Sometimes a light touch works best as this MST3K-inspired horror-riff on the ad proves. Our favorite bit is “Gay marriage will force my husband to bottom for a muscle boy!!!” only because, well, we’d watch that.

Winner of the most flaming ad we’ve run into is this one, written by Zane Johnsen. Sure the line “dark army of homos” is great, but mostly we like it because it’s filled with cute boys and dykey lesbians.

Speaking of lesbians, these ladies show that lesbians really, really do have a sense of humor. Yes, it’s a righteous, angry sort of humor, but hey, any commercial that features a pair of forceps as a sight gag is a-ok by us.

And our winner for the best NOM parody goes to Ms. Muffy St. Bernard. Leave it to the drag queens to come up with a wholly original take on the ad. This is everything that a good parody ad should be: It’s a delightful send-up that is not only wildly entertaining, but also drives home its message by utilizing the comic power of leopard print and tiny, dirty pillows.