The 10 Best Responses to the ‘Gathering Storm’


It may have been out for a few weeks now, but the Internets can’t get enough of the National Organization for Marriage’s hilarious “Gathering Storm” ad. If the measure of an epic fail is how quickly and widely it’s parodied on YouTube, then Maggie Gallagher and the tools at NOM may have won the prize. In a way, we’re thankful to NOM for blatantly showing the nation how ludicrous the arguments against gay marriage are. Seriously, the ad may just greatest thing ever created for LGBT rights. And while the spot is one big can of stormy crazy, we’re pretty impressed by how many of you have taken it upon yourselves to improve the ad. Here our are 10 favorite NOM responses. Put on your galoshes, folks, there’s a storm coming.

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  • Alexander

    Number 1 is so to the point :)
    Number 6 is so fabulous 8)

  • Aaron

    THE BEST LINE (page 9 response)

    “ a flood, in the living room, and the whole family is being washed away by the wilds of Satan and his dark army of homos.”

    X) LMFAO!

  • Bill S

    The last two were the funniest, but my favorite line was from the third one: “A storm is gathering, but we have fear and ignorance to shelter us.”

  • Adam

    @Alexander: As the dorky boy in question, thank you!

    Check out and submit your own reading! It’s our rainbow coalition vs. theirs!


  • Alex

    I would have to point to 7 as a sentimental favorite. There was a better mash up with different video earlier, but I can’t find it.

  • RM

    That was a speculum, not forceps.

  • FairGamer

    I just realized that the man in the grey suit (the one that sounds more stereotypically gay than anyone else) is one of my old teachers. Mr. Steve Abaroa from Highland High School.

    Man, we used to always say he was gay (still do). I remember his son never being too happy about that. And now here he is, fighting it even more by doing this commercial.

    Apparently he is now the drama teacher at Highland. What a fabulous position!

  • Frunced

    What, no Stephen Colbert?

  • Sili

    Re 10: Isn’t that a speculum rather than forceps?

  • Muffy St. Bernard

    Dirty pillows! Well, one was a catnip toy covered with spit. Not my spit.

    I am honored by my video’s placement. And it was REALLY great to see so many people inspired by the NOM ad…though not in the way they’d hoped.

  • James P

    @FairGamer: not just drama… MUSICALS (including this year’s “Beauty and the Beast”… LOL.

    (it’s all on the internet… HAHAHA)

  • Davey Wilson

    Though not as entertaining….for pure common sense the you tube video titled Interracial Marriage – The Gathering Storm, might just be the most effect version for those in this country that don’t feel strongly about gay marriage either way.

  • jamesnimmo

    They’re ALL good. I think this technique of campy satire is the way to go for the upcoming counter-fight in California should the Supremes rule in favor of Prop-Hate.

    In fact it should be used nationally. No more trying to act straight, let’s just be ourselves.

  • rogue dandelion

    these gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    i especially like 1 and 9

  • Jared

    The lesbian and the Palin ones were the most hilarious.

    And no, I’m talking about two seperate videos.

  • sal

    #3 im sharing with all my friends,da ending pulled my heart

  • Rowen

    @Alex: That video has been removed from Youtube for violating “copyright agreements.” NOM isn’t happy. And neither is Rachael Maddox.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Should have known they’d resort to that.

    Cowards and scoundrels.

  • Michael vdB

    I love #11. Ms. Muffy is awsome! LOL!

  • Alexa

    They were all good, but the last two were my favorites.

    I know the nom idiots loved Colbert’s take on it, saying that it was free publicity, I wonder what they think of all these? Do they really think being shown up for the bigots they are is good?

  • Muffy St. Bernard

    Several of my comments made it into the “NOM Blog” during the last few days, but the last five have disappeared without a trace. Which is unfortunate because I had their apologist (“Chairm”) right where I wanted him.

    I wonder if they’ve suddenly decided to censor.

  • mark in nyc

    the first one nails it, but they are al good.

  • Mindy

    Oh yes, #1 is easily my favorite. I think they completely nailed it. They really get at the heart of the ridiculous and nonsensical argument.

  • Jane

    Where’s the Colbert parody?

  • Steve Kay

    I haven’t watched the video or the parodies, but I thank those who did the parodies. The more ridiculous the KKK of the Christian extremist taliban become, the more people will see through that they are all fathered by that guy called Satan.

    And btw Madman Phelps gang showed up recently at Towson High school. And to greet them 400 kids showed up screaming at those freaks. And carrying sighs such as “Religion – training wheels for moral idiots”. Only 1 or 2 people tried to join the Phelps, and the cops shied them away, afraid they were God’s messenger, bringing a 38 caliber message to that gang.

    So in some ways, Phelps is an asset. And by the way, if you wonder who your enemies are, during my monthly debate with my
    “orthodox Catholic” friend, he said he thinks Phelps is financed by the gay folks because of the kinds of reactions he provokes. And whatever this guy Bill says you can bet came str8 from the mouth of the local Baltimore Bishop and his gang.

    But one thing needs to be done – we need to find a way to tap into military family groups, because they aren’t very happy with this sick nazi celebrating at the funerals of our dead soldiers.

  • Caillin

    @Muffy St. Bernard: Your video was absolutely brilliant. It was subtle, which was the most impressive thing about it. All the other videos which used some form of acronym always then would spell it out; yours didn’t, which shows an appreciation of the intelligence of your audience.

    Also a plus: You were bloody hilarious.

  • getreal

    #10 is the best!!! I love you gals!

  • Nathan

    The lesbians win this one, if only because the line “I will have no choice but to get gay married” sums up the absurdity of the whole ad so succinctly.

  • Jack

    What about the Funny or Die one with actual actors? I think it has Jane Lynch in it too.

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