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The Biggest Bulges in Video Games


When you’re a video game designer responsible for a project that’s going to be marketed at teenage boys, there are some important considerations: What should the guns and rocket launchers look like? How realistic should the background atmosphere be? And most importantly: After deciding how big to make the lady characters’ breasts, how big should the dudes’ packages be? The general answer: These ain’t no Ken dolls.

Crispy Gamer put together 10 of the most, um, pronounced bulges in video gaming.

Above: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

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  • rogue dandelion

    those are pretty weak

  • dafrety

    Some of those are almost convex…

  • Alacer

    dude, don’t hate on Solid Snake’s junk. He’ll cut you.

  • Kevin

    These are nothing. The absolute biggest package I’ve seen in video gaming was artwork being shown in the installation for the PC version of Spider-Man: The Movie Game. Spider-Man was flailing in the air with an explosion below him. Serious, serious boner, it was so lovely.

  • Mickey's mouse :P

    bison has a FUPA….not a good bulge LOL

  • An Other Greek

    uhm, if that’s a big bulge, you should take a walk in NYC on a warm day


  • Chitown Kev


  • mb00

    @An Other Greek: REALLY?!!! I’ve never been to NY yet, but now you’ve given me an incentive to visit.

  • Chrystiano Nogueira

    You has forgotten the King, from TEKKEN 3. The man with a tiger head has quite an interesting bulge =P

  • Kamil

    These are bulges? Are you kidding me? lmao There’s nothing there, and some of em look pushed in lmao

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