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The Biggest Loser‘s Butt-Kicking Trainers Jillian Michaels + Bob Harper Both Sweat for Our Team

Jillian Michaels, the fitness trainer who is one-half of the kick-ass team downsizing contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, now in its ninth American season, just confirmed that between she and Bob Harper, the pair responsible for dropping pounds is anything but straight.

Though neither Jillian nor Bob’s personal life is part of the show, it’s increasingly becoming part of their public images — ones that include celebrity clients, magazine spreads, and branded weight loss programs and supplements. Bob is an out gay (happily partnered) man living in Los Angeles. Jillian, however, has been more coy about her personal life. Until this Ladies’ Home Journal interview, where she revealed that she is, basically, bi.

“Let’s just say I believe in healthy love,” she tells the magazine. “If I fall in love with a woman, that’s awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that’s awesome. As long as you fall in love…it’s like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!”

And it’s great to hear that she’s got all that sorted out — just in time to deal with those lawsuits over her weight loss products.

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  • Andrew

    “Bob is an out gay (happily partnered) man living in Los Angeles.”

    Who’s his partner? Did he come out in any interview or is it more like ‘generally known among the community’…?

  • Ionos

    You don’t need much of a gaydar to figure out that Bob is gay – its rather obvious. IMHO he is totally cute, despite the trashy tats.

  • terrwill

    Bob is Gay is as obvious as the contestants are overweight

    Jillians “magic weight loss” pill shows that the old adage about a sucker being born every minute still holds true. Anyone interested in my new “miracle” pill. You take one and lose ten pounds a day and your cock grows an inch a day……… : P

  • SteamPunk

    I’m not sure if he came out in any interview, but he’s been publicly active in the gay community and a part of gay associations for years.

  • Tyler

    @Andrew: “Did he come out in any interview or is it more like ‘generally known among the community…'”

    Who gives a fuck?

    Is one kind of “out” better than the next?

    Do you get extra points for a special press release?

    Good God, Andrew!

  • thatguyfromboston

    Shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  • Tongue-in-cheek

    I am in a quandry, and I need the help of fellow Queerty readers.

    I thought I was an “out” gay man.

    My family knows that I am gay.
    My employer and co-workers know that I am gay.
    I’ve marched in my local Pride parade a few times.
    I lead a gay book group.
    I volunteer at my local GLBT community center.
    I have a boyfriend. We don’t live together (yet) (issue w/felines) but we are always shopping and eating out in public together.

    However, I have never “come out” or announced that I am gay during an interview. Actually, I have never been interviewed, but if I was to be, I would definitely announce at the beginning, and again at the end (in case someone tuned in late) to the interviewer and audience that I am gay — even though it may have nothing to do with the topic of the interview.

    So, am I out or not. If I put a paid ad in the classifieds, could that make up for not being interviewed.?

    Please, I want to be politically correct, and I know it would help stop oppression of gays if I could only announce my sexuality during an interview.

    Oh, and I prefer to put my tongue other places than in my cheek, someone else’s cheek, yes!

  • Ana

    Tongue-in-cheek you’re out!! There is different forms of being out. Saying it in an interview is one. The things that you descirbe are also other ways of being out. There is verbal communication and non-verbal communication. But BOTH are communication. Either you say it or you show it, they’re both telling that you’re out.

  • Lukas P.

    @Tongue-in-cheek: You poor closet case, you! (g) Until your car has a gay bumpersticker (and I don’t mean a rainbow flag) and you wear a pink triangle pin on your outermost garments, join the gay chorus, and call all other men “Mary,” there’s really not much we can do to help you!

    Such a tragic case of internalized homophobia there. Drastic measures are called for….. Uh. Not really.

    Honestly, I am sick & tired of the “you’re not out enough” patrol posse throwing precious stones at people whose third-cousin-twice-removed isn’t aware of their gayness. I have been actually criticized by the “gay mafia” for having *gasp* “too many” straight friends, and for not staying up to date on the latest “hot gossip” on which Olympian medalist is “absolutely gay” versus “totally probably gay.”
    Welcome to the club!

  • Marcellus

    In defense of Andrew, I think it’s just a matter of questioning the source. Is he really partnered? Is he really active in the gay community? We don’t live in LA, maybe we don’t know any gays in LA. So we wonder, is he really gay or is Queerty just making this up? So no need for your tongue-in-cheek commentaries. We all know that there are different levels of being out, and for public figures (i.e. celebrities) formally disclosing it through a public media outlet is the gold standard. In the end, we just like knowing that the world is full of gays, and it’s nice to put faces on them. :-)

  • lyndon whyte

    can jillian tell the producer of nbc to have for next season bob jillian and kim. if kim is out she goes. if jillian is out she goes

  • Fooch

    Who cares?

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