The Bizarre World Of Gay Dinosaur Erotica Is Very Much A “Thing”

81DuIqhNa9L._SL1500_“The year is 2014 and dinosaurs have gained control of the world economy due to exceptionally accurate stock predictions. After graduating from NYU with a business degree, John is hired to be the assistant for one of the largest trading firms on Wall Street. His boss, the CEO of the company is highly regarded as the best businessman of the century. Only difference is that he is a dinosaur.”

So goes the synopsis of A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay, one of prolific erotic novelist Hunter Fox’s massive collection.

Romance novels are cheesy by definition. That’s their job — to present a fantasy version of idealized eroticism. It’s escapism pure and simple.

So we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this new subset of erotic fiction that features dinosaurs, robots and sea monsters having their way with hunky men.

Is it supposed to be funny? Is anyone actually turned on by it? Not having taken the time to actually read one, perhaps one of you will feel inspired to do some further investigation.

The titles are a bit tempting, to be frank. Here’s your potential new reading list:

gay_dino_porn_books_232312Punished by the Dark Unicorn
Gay Android Attack
Tamed by T-Rex
Ravaged by a Unicorn
Forced Gay by Aliens
Tentacles Made Me Gay
Transforming Robot Punished Me
Forced Gay by the School Mascot
Yetti Forced Me Gay
Sphinx Forced Me Gay
Nailed by Dragons
Ravaged by the Saber Tooth Tiger
Turned Gay by an Orc
T-Rex Forced Me Gay
Brachiosaurus Made Me Gay
Slayed by Dragons
Cyclops Forced Me Gay

h/t Dangerous Minds

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