The Bland, The Bad & The Ugly: Romney’s VP Choices Cover The GOP Gamut

Mitch Daniels

Like Portman, the governor of Indiana shares some credit for the wild success of the George W. Bush presidency: In Daniels’ case, he was head of the Office of Management and Budget, a handy credential to use in an election—if you’re a Democrat trying to attack the GOP ticket. Daniels won the enmity of the right wing last year when he suggested that the party call a “truce” on social issues.

“We wouldn’t stop our disagreements or our passionate belief in these other questions, we just sort of mute them for a little while, while we try to come together on the thing that menaces us all” like the economy, Daniels suggested. For religious conservatives, this was the equivalent of surrender. (More importantly, it would hurt their fundraising efforts.)

Daniels backpedaled, but it’s a slight that won’t be forgotten. He’s also said he would “disconnect the phone” if Romney called with the VP offer.

Apparently no one has yet to inform the governor of the existence of cell phones.

Photo credit: Ray Taylor


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  • PTBoat

    They will have to wait 4 years, not 8.

  • Chuck

    Rob Portman barely won is Senate seat during the 2010 Republican landslide (a landslide based on FoxNews and hate radio lying about death panels and reaction to an African American president.) Portman endorsed Romney in the primary and Romney still had to outspend his opponents 10 to 1 to barely win Ohio in a squeaker. Bottom line, Portman is not that popular in Ohio. He abandoned his Ohio House district to Jean Schmidt to be Bush’s…wait for it…budget director! If team Obama can’t tie that to the ’08 collapse then they can’t do anything. Being boring should not be the primary skill set to be VP, let alone president. What else does Portman offer? Nothing.

  • sheena

    queerty should make comments about yahoo being pro romney and ruining barack obama on its daily news… getting sick of it really…….

  • Libertarian Larry

    Apparently, wishful thinking trumps facts on Queerty. Last poll I saw, Romney was up 7 points over Obomber among Independants, which serves as a good omen for what’s to come in November. So, let’s sum things up: Black Jesus’s support of OWS has backfired, the Wisconsin recall effort backfired, and Obamacare is about to be razed by SCOTUS. Sure, if you want to call this presidency a success, go ahead, but that doesn’t change the fact that this time next year you’ll be referring to Romney as President Romney.

  • tjr101

    @Libertarian Larry: “Obomber” how mature of you. Did you use all your brain cells to think that one up?

  • MisterTwister

    No.4- You should really take your comedy act on the road. President Romney. LOL, priceless.

  • Damian

    Romney could pick the most viruletnly anti-gay running mate and he’d still probably manage to get over 20 percent of the gay vote, just like Bush-Cheney and McCain-Palin did. McCain got a whopping 28 percent of gays but still got his ass kicked overall.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Damian: That’s because not all of us drink the liberal Kool-Aid.

  • Will

    I think there must have been at least two national elections without a Bush no the ticket in the last 32 years. 1996 and 2008.

  • vlad

    @Libertarian Larry:

    No, that’s because you’re a self-hating masochist who doesn’t mind voting for someone who has pledged to enshrine LGBTs as second class citizens in the constitution.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @vlad: I know Romney doesn’t want same-sex marriage (which I disagree with, but that’s for another discussion), but when did he say he was “pledged to enshrine LGBTs as second class citizens in the constitution”? Not only would he not have the power to enact such an amendment, but congress would never approve it if he ever proposed it (which he would not, because he’s not a hate-filled man). I’m curious to see if you’re right, so please provide a link for evidence of your statement. Thanks

  • Hyhybt

    FOURTEEN PAGES!?? Really now. It’s not worth it.

  • Peter Fitz

    Whoever Romney would pick as a VP, you know from the start, he will be a lot brighter, and better, than Joe Biden
    I don’t know why Obama doesn’t see the danger of having Biden on the ticket with him, the man is a disaster, he has little understanding of what is going on in the world around him,he has made one flub after another
    Add to that his spray tan, pulled face, eye job, and really bad hair plugs
    He looks like one of the Old Queens who troll Wilton Manors

  • joe

    @Chuck: I’m glad to hear you defending black people just like they defended gays and their right to get married in california and north carolina.

  • Robert

    Here’s hoping that any and all Republicant wannabee will have to wait long after I’m dead and buried. They would bring this country back to the stone age.

  • Gay Republican

    You all ought to be ashamed of supporting Democrats.

    They promote political correctness that is used as a cover for Radical Islamists to murder gays.

    Democrats have done nothing about countries like Iran killing gays. At least Republicans will fight Islamofascism.

    Anyone who votes for Obozo is just a sellout and a self-hater.

  • Michael Mouse

    Romney should pick his nose – he’d be sure to pick a winner from that superior field.

  • David Myers

    @Libertarian Larry: Yeah, he doesn’t hate gays, just want to use them for amusement and bullying “fun”. Oh yeah, and firing people – he enjoys that also! Why is the tea-party kidnapped Republican party so successful in convincing so many Americans to vote against their own best interests? Why do Republican gays and lesbians even exist? Lincoln would in no way be a Republican if he were alive today. He would be deeply ashamed at what his party has become.

  • David Myers

    @Gay Republican: What a retrograde you are. Republicans will fight islamofascists by creating and promoting christofascists. What the difference when it comes down to freedom for the rest of us? What about our constitutional guarantee (via Supreme Court interpretation) of separation of church and state? A plague on both their houses . . . actually on all of their houses – any religion that seeks to impose its beliefs on the rest of us through force or governmental decree are just that theofascists!

  • Mike Kidding

    Romney actually doesn’t have the delegates to win the nomination and probably won’t get them. It’s more likely there will be a brokered convention and Ron Paul has a good chance of winning it.

  • Rob

    @Gay Republicn

    Really? …no…REALLY? You want to demonize the Democratic party because they want us to show respect to everyone for who they are rather than what religion they belong to? You do realize that not every Islamic individual is radical, right? Just as every Christian isn’t automatically a member of the KKK.

    Beyond that, how can you claim that Democrats don’t care about the treatment of homosexuals overseas? Where were you when Hilary spoke at the UN about the fair and equal treatment of all LGBT peoples across the world? And, unless I’m mistaken, I can think of exactly zero Republican politicians currently in office that have said anything about caring about gays being murdered in Iran…let alone hearing any currently in office saying anything about how LGBT people are treated poorly here in our own country.

    You’d rather support a group that is actively trying to keep DOMA, reinstate DADT, and keep us from marriage equality than support President Obama and Biden who have both come out for our equality while repealing DADT and refusing to defend DOMA? I mean……REALLY?!?!?!

    And lastly, and this goes to @Libertarian Larry too, it’s all fine and dandy to have your own opinions, but if you want us to respect you and not consider you immature, try referring to our President as Obama, at the very least. Not Obummer, not Obomber, and not Obozo. If I can write Romney without stooping to disrespecting the man that I have little respect for, I would hope that you can manage that too.

  • David Myers

    @Mike Kidding: I regret to inform you that you are delusional. Once Romney is nominated, I hope you will wake up and decide to support one of the best presidents this nation has ever had and a leader in the human rights movement.

  • Mike Kidding

    @David Myers: I’m delusional? Then since you know so much, why don’t you start with telling me how many delegates Romney has.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @David Myers: If by “one of the best presidents this nation has ever had” you mean, “The worst president this country has seen since Jimmy Carter,” then you’re absolutely right. You slobber over Obama so much it’s easy to envision you masturbating over pictures of him, too.

  • Mike Kidding

    @David Myers: The second part of your comment isn’t even worth arguing over since it’s so far fetched and inaccurate. Obama is one of the worst POTUS we’ve had by far. He’s done more harm to our citizen rights than any other president. His latest attack is his Kill List. If you think that’s an example of a human rights movement, i don’t even want to continue a discussion with you.

  • Hyhybt

    @Mike Kidding: Assuming your name doesn’t automatically mean nothing you say is worth reading, that’s an interesting claim. Would you mind explaining it?

  • Mike Kidding

    @Hyhybt: Nope I’m not kidding. Obama’s secret kill list contains names and photos of individuals targeted for assassination in the U.S. drone war which can be used in total secrecy, without any due process, without transparency or oversight of any kind. Look up the New York Times which reported it about a week ago.

  • Hyhybt

    @Mike Kidding: @Mike Kidding: I was referring to this: “Romney actually doesn’t have the delegates to win the nomination and probably won’t get them. It’s more likely there will be a brokered convention and Ron Paul has a good chance of winning it.”

    Would you mind explaining and elaborating on that, please?

  • Ryan

    It’s BOB McDonnell….not ROB McDonnell…..I know because he’s the governor of my state.

  • David Myers

    @Libertarian Larry: What an idiot you are. Do you really think I want to continue a “discussion” with you?

  • joe

    @David Myers: why do gay republicans exist? what do you think gays should do? should we all vote for warmed over marxism like Rachel Maddow.Communists were well known for their great treatment of gays.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @David Myers: I think you got a little too carried away in your angry posts, David, because I never suggested or offered we have a discussion on anything. You’re obviously waaaay too submerged in liberal ideology to have any sense knocked into you, so I wouldn’t waste my time trying. But thanks for being a typical liberal and referring to me as an “idiot” because we disagree. That alone speaks volumes about your pomposity.
    @Mike Kidding: I agree with some of what you said, Mike, but realistically, at this point Ron Paul is not going to upstage Romney. It’s too late in the game, and Paul has so far been too invisible to the public at large.

  • TxHeat

    Gay Republicans are a disgrace to the human race, because to vote for Romney is to vote for a Christo taliban supreme court. I think this puts the blood of young Gays on your hands. The Gay movement has another thing in common with the Black civil rights movement and that is we have Uncle Toms also.

  • joe

    @TxHeat: I resent being put in a category as the black civil rights movement, what have blacks done for gays when it comes to marriage? vote it down every time. What does the supreme court have to do with gays, because i’m gay means you think i should support a bench full of abortion loving marxists like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Talk about the blood of young gays i would put that in the hands of liberals and their suppport of the teacher’s union since public schools are where the blood of young gays are spilled.

  • MisterTwister

    @joe: You are NOT in the same catagory. Being Black and being gay are two totally different things, you can’t come out as Black like you can as gay and gay people have done WHAT for Black people. You are a fucking clown man.

  • MisterTwister


  • Big Effing Patriot

    @TxHeat: Republicans have the blood of young gays on their hands? Do you really believe this? FYI, Republicans aren’t out there killing gays, nor are they driving them to suicide. And why would you think we’re Uncle Toms? Because we’re not as hysterical as you are about gay marriage? Maybe we’re just a little more mature and are more concerned with the real issues facing the country. Seriously, dude—stop listening to Rachel Maddow.

  • David Myers

    @Big Effing Patriot: Human right are real and series issues. Seriously, dude – stop listening to Fox News!

  • David Myers

    @MisterTwister: Race and Sexual Orientation are in the same category when it comes to fighting bigotry and for equal rights under the law. And by the way I fought in the civil rights movement, in the women’s rights movement, in the anti-war and anti-draft movement and finally in the gay/lesbian rights movement. I became involved in “human rights movements” because of my overwhelming distain for racism and racists, so don’t try to pretend that gay people haven’t done anything for black rights. Sure, there are gay and lesbian racists just as there are black homophobes – but all of them are idiots and we should all be standing up for each other. The rights of everyone are threaned when the rights of anyone are attacked. The most eloquent expression of this truth (retroactively) was made by Pastor Martin Niemoller when he stated in Germany in 1945:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • David Myers

    @MisterTwister: And “Mister Twister”, you and I probably have more in common than we do with “Joe” who’s comments indicate he is a Republican gay person (a truly deluded position, in my opinion), as well as a bigot and a hater. Know your enemies, don’t imitate them.

  • joe

    @David Myers: How am i a bigot? and who do you think i should vote for. The position of Obama on gay marriage is pretty much in line with where Dick Cheney has been for several years. Should i vote for Cheney?

  • Big Effing Patriot

    @David Myers: If by “series issues” you meant “serious issues,” then I agree, human rights are serious. Unfortunately, marriage isn’t a right, it’s a religious ceremony, and yes, there are more important issues facing us than the ability to have a quasi-religious ceremony that’s recognized by the state. And please be very aware that one’s sexual orientation does not dictate one’s political ideology, hence you’re wrong when you state that gay Republicans are “truly deluded”. That theory in itself is truly deluded.

  • joe

    @Big Effing Patriot: The problem with human rights it’s who’s defining human rights. There are many liberals who include polar bears but would exclude unborn babies. Yes it is true are court system gives more rights to polar bears than unborn babies.

  • joe

    @joe: our court system

  • Gay Republican

    So much liberal hatred for us Gay Republicans. Liberals are just really pissed that we refuse to live on their dreary soul-crushing collectivist plantation.

    Being willing to think for yourself is the greatest threat to the liberal ideology. Our mere existence invalidates their worldview, that’s why they are no different from the religious nuts.

    We are here, we are Gay Republicans, get used to us!

  • David Myers

    @Libertarian Larry: You’re pathetic to make such a immature sexual reference. No president has done more for GLBTQ rights. Meanwhile, what are the tea party republicans doing for us? Look to your own party’s bigotry and hate-mongering before criticising Obama on GLBTQ rights.

  • David Myers

    @Gay Republican: So how’s your program of getting republicans and tea partiers on board with GLBTQ rights? Not so good? So why do you continue to make excuses for them, or is the issue of GLBTQ rights really of any real concern to you? Just sayin’!

  • Jesus H Christ

    The one man you left off is John Thune. He’s gorgeous, he’s right wing to the core. He’d be the perfect running mate, although he’s probably smart enough to stay away. Someone should out John Thune. It’s obvious both women and men are throwing themselves at him and, let’s face it, he’s no saint. I’d love to see a video of Thune and Aaron Schock, the closet case from Peoria. That guy is hot, but obviously hates who he really is. And Paul Ryan, the great white hope, probably has more than a few skeletons in his closet. My gaydar goes off the charts with him. I’d love to do any of these guys; it’s a hard job, but I’m up for it.

  • tom

    It took Joe Biden to get Obama to support gay marriage. Remember blacks stopped gay marriage is “Liberal” California. We are on our own. Too bad Mitt is worse.

  • tom

    gee the best bartender is hot. What a shock.

  • David Myers

    @tom: Wrong and wrong. No president has ever done more for GLBTQ rights. He was planning on coming on board on gay marriage in his own time and with his own planned announcement and Biden stumbbled into the mix, putting him on the spot before the planned announcement (probably during the Democratic convention – maybe even in Obama’s nomination acceptance speech). His speech to black America and the effect of numerous pastors coming on board is swinging the black vote not only behind him but on board with the issue of gay marriage (some reluctantly, admittedly) others see the logical connection to their own issues, and still others have always been on board. Your attempt to claim “we’re on our own. Too bad Mitt is worse” sounds suspiciously pessimistic and trollish. Now is the time to build the grand coalition not disparage our allies, including blacks, hispanics, women and Obama. Did you even watch Obama’s speech on gay marriage? How about Hillary Clinton’s speech to the United Nations (fully supported in both the speech and foreign aid policy on Obama’s direction – back on Dec 6th 2011 declairing GLBTQ rights to be human rights around the world and chastising African nations who claimed homosexuality was a “western problem” (and making foreign aid conditional on respect for human rights for the GLBTQ citizens of nations wanting foreign aid? Either you are seriously not up to date on the Obama administrations careful step by step strategic moves up to the plate on GLBTQ rights and gay marriage, or you are a troll trying to make Obama look weak on this issue, when in reality no president has ever been stronger. Which is it?

  • joe

    @David Myers: Can you be anymore naive? I have faith i’m sure you can be.

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