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  • Woof

    Looks like a NA meeting

  • Dawster

    OMG, woof.. you’re so right. just needs the coffee and cigarettes.

    Courtney with neon blue contacts… sunday had Britney was in blue contacts… when will people learn they DON’T look natural?

  • spoonerist

    Oh! I get it.

    Everybody looks terrible so that the models and clothing will look better in comparison, right? Contrast, and whatnot.

  • james_boston

    Heath is usually so fucking hot…it’s sitting next to that ugly slut Vincent Gallo that’s making him look bad.

  • Paolo

    And I’m sure everyone who writes and comments here is even more fabulous than the models… *rolleyes*

  • Jack Jett

    Great can almost smell the meth.

    jack jett

  • SeaFlood

    Oh Jack!


  • schnaussmaus

    Everyday Courtney is looking more and more like Janice from the Muppets.

  • ds

    look at Ms. Wintour’s sourpuss!

    reminds me of the South Park episode where they’re smelling their own farts. Could their heads get any further up their asses?

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