The Bully’s Victim Punched Him Back. Did Anyone Commit a Hate Crime?


Is kicking the shit out of school bullies the answer to fighting intolerance? UPI:

A small Canadian town in southern Ontario is divided over charges against an Asian immigrant youth who responded to a bully’s punch with one of his own.

The confrontation occurred April 21 in Keswick, 40 miles north of Toronto, between two 15-year-old boys during a game in the high school gymnasium. Neither boy can be identified, The Globe and Mail said.

One student who immigrated to Canada from South Korea in 2004 told police a white student shoved him, called him an “(expletive) Chinese” and hit him in the mouth. The Korean youth had been trained in martial arts by his father, a former member of South Korea’s national martial arts team. The youth told police he had been trained to only hit back with his left hand and, with one punch, broke the other youth’s nose, the Globe reported.

Now the South Korean boy faces assault charges and possible expulsion. Except, get this: Police have re-opened the investigation, and are weighing whether to charge the first boy with a hate crime. This comes after some 400 students at the school, mostly white, walked out in protest of punishing the Korean boy.

For all the talk we’ve had about bullying in school and ways to solve the problem, “physically fighting back” didn’t make our list. Should it?