The “Carrie” Remake Is Basically The Story Of A Bottom Who Becomes A Top But Wants To Remain A Bottom

carrie_remakeCarrie is topped by the mother for the first half of the film, beaten down, dominated. The mother won’t even let her get a word in edgewise. After Carrie has reached her zenith of power [at the school dance], she comes home and she wants to turn back into the child, wants to go back to, ‘Mother, I will pray.’ Of course the mother lets her. But then the mother tries to kill her and the powers protect Carrie. So you have this phenomenal arc of the bottom becoming the top, wanting to be the bottom again — but it’s too late.”


— Out filmmaker Kimberly Peirce explaining the queer appeal of her upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie (out October 18) to Out magazine