The Clintons Stepping Up For Obama

Senator Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton will soon return to the campaign trail.

Mr. Clinton, who is currently in Europe, told reporters through a spokesperson today that he’s “committed” to helping Barack Obama win the White House. Said Matt McKenna, “President Clinton is obviously committed to doing whatever he can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next president of the United States.” Neither Clinton nor the Obama campaign would elaborate on what role Mr. Clinton will play in the general election.

Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, will appear with Obama on Friday in Unity, New Hampshire. And trust that the former presidential hopeful had a bit more to say than her husband:

We’re going to work very hard to elect Sen. Obama our president. And we’re going to work very hard to add to our numbers here in the Senate… I’m just hoping that we’ll have a very significant victory this November… I am rolling up my sleeves and getting back to work.

While Senator Clinton’s presence will help iron out remaining wrinkles in the party – and woo the ever-important women’s vote, Bill will most likely be sent to blue collar communities to rustle of the “Reagan Democrats” who may be rethinking Republican rival John McCain.