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The Confusion Over Elena Kagan’s Sexuality Isn’t the Reason to Sink Her Nomination

If we could have sex with Glenn Greenwald’s words, we would. They don’t just shut down opposing arguments with a well-placed semi-colon. They don’t just ooze intelligence and wit. They are sexy. Having already gone to great lengths to explain why alleged lesbian Elena Kagan isn’t a wise Supreme Court choice for true progressive, the Salon scribe has found somebody else to endorse: Diane Wood.

The Brazil-based Greenwald (who lives there thanks to the U.S. not recognizing his same-sex relationship with a foreigner) finds in Wood (pictured, right), the hetero Seventh Circuit judge appointed by Clinton, what he cannot in Kagan. Namely, a Constitutional scholar with a track record of left-leaning (read: reasonable) positions.

And now he’s found in Kagan yet another scarlet letter: Taking such a radical position over First Amendment restrictions in arguing the U.S. v. Stevens animal cruelty case that eight of nine justices refuted her entire premise in banning animal torture porn.