The Conservatives Are Going to Let GOProud Speak at CPAC. About the iPad!


It looks like GOProud, Jimmy LaSalvia’s ridiculous Republican club for homos, will get the chance to do something at CPAC after all.

After GOPround’s sponsorship of the conservative conference angered a few fringe groups, it came out that LaSalvia & Co. wouldn’t even be allowed to open their mouths — attaching their logo to the event would be it. But (insert 180-degree spin) now they will.

About technology!

LaSalvia will co-host a panel, with folks from something called FreedomWorks and Campaign for Liberty, called “Using Technology to Mobilize Conservatives.” Which is a perfect subject for him, LaSalvia tells Chris Johnson, because GOProud had only its email list and website to go on when it was launching. “I think we’re going to bring a unique perspective to talk about how we have been able to use social networking like Facebook and Twitter as well as just Internet in general and e-mail to reach folks all over the country, in rural areas, in parts of the country that we haven’t necessarily been able to visit.

But what about LGBT rights? Might LaSalvia want to moderate a panel about those? Or social issues? “Frankly, there really aren’t any,” he says. “If you look at the overall program, there is a lot of discussion about economics and national security, as it should be. That’s what most of the country is focused on and that’s what most conservatives are focused on.”

And The Twitter. We hear since Michael Steele came along, it’s been a huuuuge hit with the GOP. Tell me how this @ thing works again?