The Coop’s Gay Ex?

The gay gossip mill’s in high gear this morning. Rumor has it that this man, JD Ordonez, had a two year relationship with Anderson Cooper. And we do me rumor…

The LA Rag Mag lads claim they met the 22-year old at some “gay mafia” party and learned the same-sex truth. They don’t, however, offer any proof of Ordonez and Cooper’s alleged loving. The site does include a piece of Ordonez’s MySpace biography:

…I’ve been the party boy but seem to have out grown that phase a bit, but I still like to hang out with friends and have a kick ass time… I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and enjoy the compliments humbly. I realize that beauty is only skin deep and it fades FAST. I try to keep that in mind and work to be a better man from the inside out as I get older.

Ordonez now works as a “marine mammal trainer” and a bartender. Cooper’s obviously missing out.

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