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The Cops Got Pretty Violent With These Women at San Francisco Pride. Was It Justified?

Last Saturday during San Francisco’s 40th gay pride celebrations, one man was killed and two people were injured during a shooting. On Sunday, a handful of women appear to have been beaten by police. This should end well.

Like all things uploaded to YouTube, it’s difficult to tell context and cause. What you’ll see in the clip are SF Police officers attempting to detain one woman while fending off attacks from people on the sidelines. You will also see the police getting roughed up.

SF Police say they’re investigating the incident, reports the SF Appeal: “Police spokeswoman Lt. Lyn Tomioka said police initially responded to break up a fight between two women, and then the officers were surrounded and attempted to disperse the crowd. Six women were taken into custody; another was cited and released. Tomioka said the department’s internal affairs division is investigating the use of force by the officers. ‘It’s an ongoing investigation, but use of force…it’s why we try to talk to people, but when we have no other option, use of force is required, unfortunately,’ Tomioka said. ‘But to the public, it never looks pretty. The officers gave commands, which were ignored,’ Tomioka said. ‘When an officer gives an order to move or to stop, those are orders, and they need to be complied with.'”

Five women were charged with misdemeanor battery on a police officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest.