The Courageous Parents Glenn Beck’s Minions Who Got This Jersey High School to Ban a Book About LGBT Kids

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On Tuesday, the Rancocas Valley High School in Mt. Holly, New Jersey (motto: “Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence”), allowed parents to vote the board voted to ban from its library Revolutionary Voices, a book released in 2000 and described as a “groundbreaking” collection of short stories that “speaks to the isolation and fear of being queer and young.” Oh, and it’s all about queer youth! (Updated.)

Apparently there are photographic depictions of gay men having sex? (No, says author Amy Sonnie. The photo of “one man bent at the waist with another man standing close behind him” is actually “a stock photo of one man hiking a football to the other.”)

Continue teaching children that there’s a reason to be scared of gay people, and children will continue growing up to be gay bashing adults.

Update: Turns out the 9.12 Project, which Glenn Beck started, is behind the campaign to ban the book. The 18 residents who lobbied the school board acknowledged they were working on behalf of 9.12.