The Creators Of “Looking” Do Not Want Their Show To Be The Gay “Girls”

lookingtrailerIf there is one show that every gay is going to watch this January, it’s definitely Looking.

The show promises a frank and honest depiction of adult gay life that hasn’t been seen on television since The A-List: New York Queer As Folk ended, and the fact that it comes from the creator of the brilliant gay indie Weekend only enhances the pedigree.

Yet with the buzz comes comparisons to to that other HBO series about young people looking for love in a big city, but Looking creators Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh want to set the record, er, straight.

In an extensive interview with SFGate, the creators stress that Looking isn’t the gay Girls or Sex and the City, but its own distinctly unique animal they hope can be universally relatable. When asked about the comparisons, the two replied:

Haigh: Whenever before a show goes on air, people want to define it. The easiest way to define it is to say it’s a gay “Sex and the City, or a gay “Girls.” But I think the show is different from both of those shows. Different people, different ages. It’s out of our control, and I’m not embarrassed to be compared to those two shows. They’re both great shows. But I think ours is distinct in its tone and feeling. Our characters are in their 30s, coming up on 40. It’s a different age group.

Lannan: “Girls” before it was “Girls” was “Sex and the City” with twenty-somethings.

We definitely understand why the guys are frustrated, but a quick look at the Looking trailer definitely reveals some visual similarities with Girls, plus the fact that HBO has scheduled it to air directly after Girls on Sundays isn’t exactly the surest way to avoid comparisons.

What will be interesting to see is if the sexual situations on Looking are as squirmy/awkward as they can be on Girls, but anyone who has seen Weekend (available on Netflix streaming and highly recommended, by the way) knows that Haigh doesn’t shy away from awkwardness. Or fluids.