The Cross-Dressing Breakout Star of China’s Boys-Only Super Boy

On China’s Super Boy (think: American Idol, but for boys only), young singers try their hand at impressing a panel of judges. These judges were surprised when Liu Zhu, from the Sichuan province, showed up looking like a lady.

Judge Annie Rose took the lead on quizzing Zhu about his gender.

“I am still suspicious about your identity. Can we examine your gender?”

“How do you examine?”

“Do you choose a male judge or a female judge to verify? I still have doubts about your identity. I think you are a girl.”

“I didn’t lie. Thank you.”

“But I feel if you are lying, you are playing tricks on us and the viewers.”

“I didn’t lie or play tricks on you.”

“Then I hope the netizens will human flesh search you! Can you swear on your dignity?”

“I can swear on it on anything…”

China Hush raided his Baidu profile page and found these photos and relays:

Netizens actually were angry about the way Judge Annie Rose treated him. While some netizens criticized how Judge Annie Rose’s rude behaviors, many showed full support of Liu Zhu. It is actually a big deal to enter the singing contest and go on national television like this, especially in China. Some netizens praised him being brave, real and honest.

However some think the whole thing is engineered to hype up the ratings. How naïve can Judge Annie Rose be? to think the contest staff is incapable of determining contestants’ genders, that she needs to call for a human flesh search on him?