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The Curious Timing of Rick Warren’s Attack on Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill

We’re not sure how far Rick Warren’s message is going, given it’s been seen just over 300 times so far, a fully day after it was uploaded to YouTube. And while we’re pleased to see the hate leader Warren come out against Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, this video message is as much about salvaging his reputation as it is denouncing a piece of legislation.

Warren’s message arrives — coincidentally? — just as Uganda’s Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo informs us the anti-homosexuality bill that Parliament will consider no longer includes the death penalty or life sentences a draft version included. Whether Warren, or his well-connected religious cohorts, had any direct involvement with the bill’s lesser punishments is unclear. But now he’s calling the bill “un-Christian.”

“It is my role to correct lies and errors and false reports when others associate my name with a law that I had nothing to do with that I completely oppose and vigorously condemn,” Warren says in the video, aimed at Uganda’s faith leaders. From there he goes on to defend his silence on Uganda’s bill, because he prefers to work behind the scenes, you see, rather than through the media. (Evidently, he was “forced” to make this video message then.)

It’s hard to believe anything out of Warren’s mouth anymore. He’s on the record speaking out against homosexuality; but he’s on the record saying he loves us anyhow and never said those things. He’s a noted flip-flopper. But still, we agree with all five of Warren’s points about why this bill isn’t just unnecessary, it’s vile.

And we’re glad to see Warren finally hear Jesus’s call — and do some good for humanity.

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