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The Daily Mail Pays Up For Suggesting Matt Lucas Threw A Party To Get Over The Suicide Of Ex Kevin McGee


In March, five months after Matt Lucas’ ex-husband Kevin McGee killed himself (after posting a suicide note on Facebook), the Daily Mail published a story about how Lucas was dealing with the grief. Headline: “How Matt Lucas learnt to laugh again.” (It’s still online here.) I just read it. It doesn’t seem terribly intrusive, but apparently it “caused great upset to Mr Lucas which we did not intend and regret,” the Mail writes in an online apology, because it “suggested he had ignored Kevin’s calls, became a virtual recluse, and hosted a birthday party to ‘move on.’” And that’s the difference between American and British media laws, because every week U.S. celebrity tabloids basically invent stories about how celebs are dealing with divorces, drugs, and cheating. In the U.K., that’s considered an intrusion into grief and an invasion of privacy. In addition to the apology, the Mail handed Lucas a “substantial undisclosed” damages payment.

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  • EGM

    Hmm, the tone of Queerty here seems to be STFU Matt, because we Americans cope with this every day.

    But apparently you can’t cope with Gays in your military, or Gay teachers in schools or Gays in entertainment/film/sport or just about any other public life that doesn’t involve an interior decorating slot or a stint as the fop on Ugly Betty.

    So…think before you judge Matt Lucas, who has done absolutely nothing wrong here.

  • drums

    agree 10000% with EGM above. Frankly, it’s fucked up to not realise that wrongfully accusing someone of throwing a party right after an ex-spouse committed suicide is fucked up. I’m glad Matt Lucas won his case. Good luck to him and David Walliams on their future endeavours.

  • andrew

    Good on him, freedom of speech should not involve being able to tell blatant lies.

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