‘The Daily Show’ Profiles Christians Oppressed By Homosexuals In Hilarious New Segment

The Daily Show‘s John Oliver is on a roll this week! The guest host is set to fill in for Jon Stewart during his three-month vacation, and he couldn’t have picked a better time to do it if he tried. There’s so much ripe political nonsense waiting to be mocked, the show is basically writing itself right now.

On last night’s episode, Oliver invited Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee to report on a troubling situation in a segment titled “Stuck in the Past.” In it, Bee interviews Matt Slick, a Christian preacher that believes he’s one of the “millions suffering from the sting of bigotry and bullying” at the hands of homosexuals.

Slick told Bee that he fears for the future of his Christian radio show, and hates that he can’t condemn homosexuality without being “bullied” in return.

“It’s like you can’t even go on the radio anymore and condemn a whole subset of people to hell without getting some blowback,” Bee quipped.

“Well, when you put it that way, it does sound rather arrogant, myopic, narrow-minded and bigoted,” he responded.

Hypocrisy in action, folks! Watch on to hear Slick talk about his late-night romps with homosexuals in hot tubs and dance clubs!

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  • Charli Girl

    Omg I LOVEIT !! Too funny

  • queerty1958

    I love honesty in comedy. I think Samantha Bee [the interviewer]is awesome!

  • Scribe38

    WOW!!!! That was kewl thanks for posting!

  • Joetx

    Christians “bullied” for being homophobic???

    These people have no shame.

    And their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • KentSF

    Love this!

  • offbeatoh86

    Perfect use of Socratic Irony (Google it) by the Daily Show writers.

  • Caleb in SC

    Only in America can privileged, affluent Evangelicals spew their hatred and intolerance and then claim to be an oppressed minority. Funny piece though.

  • Triple S

    @Caleb in SC: Quite right. In Australia, the only ones to EVER appear on the TV is our Cardinal or a specific priest of a specific church ONLY IF something important happened to it. But 99% of the time; never on the TV screen.

    Which I am happy about.

  • erasure25

    What about the death row inmates being bullied for killing!!!!

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