“The Daily Show” Finds Gay Soldiers And Other Props For The Democratic National Convention

For the past few election cycles, finding the right everyday American to speak at the national political-party conventions has been key. Whether its a husband whose wife died because they had no health insurance, or a homeowner whose family was protected because he was allowed to keep a gun in the house.

The Democrats are going all out for their convention in Charlotte the week of September 3.  A recently leaked memo revealed that the DNC is “casting” for several super-specific convention speakers, including an autoworker who got to keep his job, a husband whose wife’s life was saved by treatment at Planned Parenthood, and a gay soldier-straight soldier combo that saw action in Afghanistan together.

Given that tall order and the minimal amount of time till the convention, The Daily Show‘s John Oliver tries to help the DNC with their unique casting call.   Watch the clip above to see if Oliver finds his dream prop.

h/t: Brett Edward Stout