The Daily Show‘s Mo Rocca Comes Out As A ‘Mo

Adorkable former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca came out for the first time ever in a podcast interview for Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin’s The Six Pack. In the interview he says, “I’m just more comfortable with myself now. It’s taken me until I’m 42 to begin feel this way.” He also discusses the types of guys he likes, why he’s single, and his opinions on the gay community. Of course, with a name like Mo, it was only a matter of time.

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  • FreddyMertz

    Shocked!!!!….call me. :-)

  • David Harry

    I once met Mr Rocca in NYC while out to dinner on my birthday with my mates. He was eating alone and sent a drink over when I smiled at him. He was charming and funny and lovely and had GREAT legs. He’s also a good kisser.

  • Hyhybt

    This is a surprise. Not that he’s gay, but that he needed to come out.

    (I just have to ask, though: will they tell us about it on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me?)

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I always thought he was gay
    He is adorable :)
    Now Daniel Tosh is next :p

  • Tony

    I thought he was much younger than 42. Let’s face it, us white guys don’t age that well (Not without a ton of botox). I’ve always found him way hot.

  • gregger

    Last night when I was told he had come out I had said, “duh.” My friend said “really?” I said Helen Keller would know he was gay and she’s blind, deaf, and dead.

  • Daez

    @Tony: Speak for yourself bro, the guy I’m with is in his mid 50s and looks 40 with no work done.

  • Gabe

    My bf and I saw him at Stonewall the night ‘mo marriage became legalized; he was with a “friend” too :)

  • Joe K


    This is not news, not even new news the way it is written. Maybe the fact that he is finally comfortable with himself is, and that can apply to anyone. He has often spoke of his partner on NPR for quite a few years.

  • Jeff

    He was in?

  • mattsy

    His name is Mo-HELLO!!!!

  • Ian

    LOL Love all the comments… Can’t add a thing.

  • Tony

    @Daez: +
    Good for him, now how old do you look? Seriously, I have my hair cut in an upscale mostly black barbershop. These 40 something black guys come in, honestly looking like they’re in their 20’s. There’s a particular incredibly handsome well built blk man that comes in there and we happened to bump into each other at the gas station and we chatted for a bit. I assumed he was a hot sexy 40, 42 at the most…he’s 57 fucking years old.

    Back on subject: My gaydar never even went off on this guy. Now I’m googling for a full body shot of him. Hope I can find a shirtless one or one with shorts.

  • Daez

    @Tony: People normally say I look around 20 or so (however I’m 32).

  • xander

    Good on him for coming out. I’d always thought he was adorable, sharp, and funny. No real surprise that he’s gay, but then again I know hetero men who have similar mannerisms and humour which I associate (mostly) with our gay brothers.

    Will have to go find photos of those legs soon!

  • ewe

    oh gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl. I haven’t laughed inside like that in quite a while. OH MOI GAWD, WHAT A SHOCKA!!!! lol. Please. Who cares. Is there a sunrise in the morning?

  • Countervail

    He says he’s single but at one time wasn’t he dating a blond Broadway hunk who played the Beast in Beauty and the Beast for a while?

  • plazaboy

    I’m surprised this wasn’t already common knowledge. I’ve never met the guy and always knew he was one of us.

  • ChadNYC

    I’m sick and tired of guys saying things like “I’m more comfortable with myself now.” He just got comfortable? Really? He has been going to gay bars for years. I first saw him in the late 90s at the Dugout on Christopher Street. Taking that step to go into bars and being seen by everyone takes a lot. Obviously, he conquered that fear. He should be a bit more honest and say “I’m now middle aged and I never got to have the TV career and money from it that I hoped for so why not come out.”

    It would be nice if one of these “celebs” took the time to thank everyone else who has been out for years fighting for rights while they remained in the closet.

  • Trevez

    Water is wet…

  • Codswallop

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Mo Rocca wasn’t out already? REALLY?!

    Look up “Mo Rocca Tim Gunn” on YouTube and watch their style analysis of the polygamist cult wives’ style and fashion. Not only was Mo Rocca not “in the closet,” that clip demonstrates that his loafers are so light they will become an invaluable resource when our helium stockpile runs out!

  • Ogre Magi

    You just know he is a little wildcat in the sack

  • Sebizzar

    @ChadNYC: I agree. But the good thing is just that every day it’s getting much easier for people to come out, so we know acceptance is getting higher.

  • eric

    YAAAY! When cute guys come out, why do I feel as if I have a chance with them? Marry me Mo.

  • Marcus

    I agree with you. This is exactly why others haven’t come out yet. They are waiting to see if they get that money or that Academy Awards FIRST, then they’ll come out.

    The thing is: it’s in vain. You’re dealing with a (somewhat) gay-aware public who at the end of the day don’t really care. People come out and are met with not applause but yawns.

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