The Daily Skreeve: Gays & Catholics Get Along!

Brandon Routh makes us want to swallow. Milk, that is. Notice the bulge has been photoshopped down a bit. We may faint. [SocialiteLife]

• If posts today have been slow, we’re sorry. We’ve been reading Letters To Marc Jacobs all day. And we thought The Manolo was random. [LTMJ]

• Our favorite lesbian Amazon superhero must hit the silver screen ASAP, if for no other reason than to repair the damage done by Halle Berry‘s Catwoman and Storm tragedies. [Novaslim]

Arjan interviews Keane, a.k.a. “The New Morrissey,” about their new album. Keane is superb! [ArjanWrites]

Salon publishes the “Feelgood Gay Parenting Story Of The Day,” about a NY Times article on gay adoption gone right in Massachusetts. If you’re not registered to read the Times, just read Salon’s take, it’s just dandy. [Salon]