The Daily Skreeve*: Nerds Unite!

• Predicting American Idol winners is down to a science. [ColdHeartedTruth]

• …and you can see their betting odds here. Click on a contestant’s name, and a screen will pop up with the numbers. As we write this, Pinnacle has Chris Daughtry heavily favored to win, at about 1.5 to 1; our favorite Paris Bennett is hovering at around 18 to 1; and Bucky Covington isn’t looking so good, at 150 to 1. Poor Bucky. [OddsChecker]

button.jpegSwitch, a new web-based show, teaches hi-tech (is it “hi-tech” or “high-tech”?) design lessons for girls. Which means mostly gay guys will watch it. Learn how to make talking picture frames, electronic pillows, all sorts of fun stuff. Diana Eng from Project Runway (“My dress’ magnets keep reversing polarity!”) co-hosts the first episode. We’re nervous about tuning in, we might be silly enough to try one of the projects and blow ourselves up. [Switch]