The Daily Skreeve: No Chinese Baby For You!

Human Rights Watch articulates sentiments that proposed immigration restrictions are especially problematic for LGBT families. Because gay couples can’t obtain marriages that are legal on the Federal level, immigrants here “illegally” risk prison time–as do the Americans who support them. We’re quite concerned about this, as we think South American guys are hotter than sex on toast and we’ve long dreamed of sugar-daddying one into our lives. Not that it matters now, as we’d never be able to afford it on these Queerty salaries. [HumanRIghtsWatch]

girl_1.jpg• China forbids married gay couples from Massachusetts from adopting orphans–and adoption in the state declines by 6%! That’s okay, Edina from AbFab always says you should adopt your babies from Romania anyway. [365Gay]

• RCA has released its collection of obscure dance music to iTunes, in what can only be described as the coming of the future. Although they list a Kelly Clarkson remix as one of the most exciting selections. Perhaps that’s giving her a bit too much credit. [27/7Gay]

• Apparently the Will & Grace finale on May 18 is going to be quite the show to watch. NBC has already announced it will be released on DVD, on May 30. It totally sucks now and the characters are totally stupid, but when they hire the right writers that show sings. Hopefully they’ll pull this one together too. [NY Daily News]

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