The Daily Skreeve: Political Parties Party

John Kerry planning a run in 2008, too. As much as we’d love to see his wacko wife Teresa Heinz Kerry again, we’d prefer he just donate his zillions of dollars to charity instead. Note to John: George W Bush beat you. And he SUCKS. Take the hint. [Pam’sHouseBlend]

• Speaking of George: Katherine Harris, who was pretty much responsible for his 2000 victory in Florida, and therefore the entire election, is having a pool party. Who doesn’t want to see her in a swimsuit? There must be someone in northeastern Florida who can send us some pictures of that one. [Wonkette]

• The Department Of Defense has been ordered to turn over all TALON espionage documents targeting gay college students. On a related note: is it just us, or do the PageOneQ people always seem to be yelling everything on their blog? They seem very feisty. [PageOneQ]

• …and finally, Top Model recapped by our good friend Rich. Okay, it has nothing to do with politics. But it’s just as important. [FourFour]