The Daily Skreeve: TV Toilet Humor

• Get the poop on the newest infomercial. Can you imagine if this was your dad? [FourFour]

• A review of the new film Phat Girlz (after review of Kinky Boots, which is apparently terrible.) Apparently Mo’Nique needs to shave her legs. [LadyBunnyBlog]

Celine Dion may finally leave Las Vegas. And Cher is slated to take her spot. [DListed]

• The boys at Made in Brazil are absolutely beside themselves with grief over not being included in Madonna‘s tour schedule. Go sign their petition if you…um, want to…go see Madonna in Brazil? [MadeInBrazil]

• After her much-hyped (and rather lackluster, but since when is talent necessary?) appearance on Will & Grace, Britney Spears is teaming with the show’s producers to hunt for a sitcom project of her own. [StarPulse]