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  • Tallskin

    It’s been released over here in the UK for months now. Most reviews (written by straights) say how good it is.

    However, a friend of mine (gay) went to see it and says he felt very uncomfortable watching it – two straights playing camp gay men – almost as if they were caricaturing us.

    Me? I refuse to go see it.

  • mazout4ik

    strangely enough, this movie has already been shown at all maintsream theatres in St.Petersburg, Russia. and Russia is still pretty much a homophobic country.

  • Jacob

    lol pretty pathetic if you ask me

  • Fitz

    I think it’s fair to give Jim a pass on playing gay since he is such a good friend to our causes.

  • Erv

    Two straight guys playing camp. One is a married lying con man who doesn’t pay child support and the other and effeminate jailbird. Hmmmmm. Not exactly the story I want to see.

  • soul_erosion

    @Erv: Did you really think gay men would be portrayed as healthy, well-balanced individuals, like some of actually are? Things haven’t changed much in Hollywood. They still frequently portray us as defective losers. Not all the time but often.

  • Jones

    @Fitz: Really? he is such a good friend to our causes that he has to ridicule us like this? Dude, have your head examined.

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