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The Davey Wavey Diary: How to Survive Being Catholic + Gay, From That Shirtless Guy

Davey Wavey’s nipples advice is back! When he’s not fantasizing about the Craigslist Killer or debating whether gay sex is scarier than straight sex, Mr. Wavey is sharing this survival guide to being Catholic and gay.

What Davey Wavey taught us that Mary B. didn’t? It’s okay to be selective about your faith, and only choose the parts of the Bible that sound appealing!

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  • PopSnap

    Catholicism in America, for virtually everyone under the age of 70, has become a cultural and family thing. I’d love to see an experiment asking Catholics if they knew basic catholic terms- eucharist, Sacaraments, indulgences (which are coming back if I remember correctly), name at least 5 saints- because I can guarantee 9 out of 10 will answer 0-1 right.

    Those who are atheist, agnostic, non-religious, ect. are or were likely Catholics at some point in their life. It’s like what Judaism is now, except with Christians.

  • Jack

    Don’t even get me started on this oppressive, bigoted group of hypocritical homophobes (the RCC). I don’t mean to leave out the loving Evangelicals and wonderful Mormons, it’s just that it was the Catholics that got the primary mention in the post.

    It’s good to see Davey Wavey’s blog getting some attention. I always find it to be a pleasant visit. One can, generally, count on a good mix of humor, affirmation, and some thought-provoking spiritual philosophy type mentions. Davey has a gift for putting things like the RCC in their place, but in a non-vitriolic, almost positive way. Wish I was more like him.

  • ggreen

    I wonder how long he ices his nipples before taping this. Does he keep the set temperature below 65 degrees to keep them at attention? Atheism is the real evolution.

  • The Swimmer

    @Jack: There is a level of class among the different brands of Christian Fascism.

    Catholics tend to be the most appealing to minorities. They try to use tradition and do the best job of pandering to the poor. That said they still worship an old guy in a thin gown with a golden crown (homo).

    Mormons are the mafia of religions. They are highly organized, they do an amazing job of wealth redistribution, and they are the biggest fucking criminals alive. They are using their money to have us systematically targeted and so far they are succeeding.

    Evangelicals are the sphincter end of these religious groups. Most of them are a bunch of rural, Southern, Kentucky Fried morANS, who march in Tea Party protests. They shop at Wal-Mart, they drive big giant SUVs, they live in BIG WHITE SUBURBS, they control both parties. They contribute the LEAST to America but they shout the loudest if any of their taxes go to welfare for minorities.

  • Ctprep

    You can be gay and Catholic . . . check out Dignity USA –

    They’ve been around for 40 years!

  • David Dust

    Did Davey Wavey major in “Jazz Hands!” at his Catholic university?

  • Mike L

    Great tips! I’m glad my grandparents in Mexico didn’t like the catholic church so I never felt guilt as a kid. That is, not until I came to the U.S. at nine that my mom wanted me baptized and communionized did I really read anything about church. Never went back after doing that at lol.

    Until my christian aunt found out I was atheist, I kind of realized in her church (from an organization from Brasil that’s popping up xtian churches in the U.S. to take money from ignorant hispanics) it was all a ruse by her church to take money from parishoners (2hour services one of those two owrs was about money).

    So I’m spiritual a little, and I don’t know that I believe in gaud, but I do talk to him/her/it when I need to talk to someone but can’t. I did like What Davey said about taking those pieces of the bible that ring good to you and run with it everything else ignore it (the catholics/christians do it why not everyone else lol).

  • scott ny'er

    i’m not viewing this but there must be someone on queerty’s staff who is dating Davey Wavey. to explain his constant attention on this blog

  • Thom Freeheart

    More Davey Wavey, please.

  • Jack

    @The Swimmer: Swimmer, your explanation is priceless. Thanks for making my day. At least with the RCC you can use the old line (Bette Davis, I think, if not, I’m sure someone will correct me)I love his dress, but his purse is on fire!

  • bernardvanburen

    i don’t understand how somebody so fit can have such a high, annoying and fey voice. less of this butthim face.

  • DJ

    I was raised a catholic, (baptism, catechism, communion, confirmation etc, the whole nine yards)but by the age of 12 or so, I realized what a load of superstitious, mind controling bullshit I was being fed! I quickly dropped BS for the Jewish delicatessen on Sunday mornings and never looked back.

  • benlayvey

    @ggreen: Lol from nipples to religion in like two letters? You are funny! Love his nipples by the way although I may have to cover his face and tell him to be quiet.

  • S.C.

    Mindless superstitions. We don’t need such silly rituals and cult like activity in today’s world.

    A christian gay is one of the strangest things ever. Like a cat trying to hang out with a group of dogs.

    Religious freaks are ruining the world with their fantasies and brainwashing.

    Religion is the great divider. The source of almost every injustice in the world.

    Religion kills gays, mutilates women, abuses children, and does it with rightous conviction.

  • The Swimmer


  • Drew Scialo

    For the group whose banner is a rainbow, it’s tragic how black and white you people see things. You guys deal in more absolutes than the Sith. Stop stereotyping everyone, get out of your little bubbles of comfortable gaydom and experience the real world. This is why I interact with breeders, they are far less judgmental and prejudicial than gays.

  • cgd

    @Drew Scialo:
    “This is why I interact with breeders, they are far less judgmental and prejudicial than gays.”

    Not to stereotype, or anything.

  • angus


    Drew, Why would you want to be Catholic, never mind gay and Catholic? The RC church is anti gay. Why would anyone belong to an organization that persecutes them. Have a little respect for yourself.

  • Naghanenu

    Im very catholic..and i believe in God. Ok fine…im not gay but that does not mean that i dont support many of the struggles gays have.

    I cant imagine what it must be like for a gay christian… beliving in somthing that teaches that you represent something evil. That’s rough and seems self destructive. You cannot read some aspects of the bible and ignore the parts that relate to you. Xtianity does not work that way. Nothing works that way. My advise to the ‘gay christian’ do some soul searching and ask yourself if you want to be gay or u want to be christian because i gotta tell ya…there is no such thing as a ‘gay christian’…just sounds weird.

    I know i might offend some people with this(im sorry)..but what do you guys think?

  • Joey

    Naghanenu, did you not read the part of the post where it mentioned people pick “parts of the Bible that sound appealing”? That’s exactly what you’re doing: picking the parts that suit your point and ignoring the others.

    If you’re going to go around telling people that they can’t be gay and catholic, you should also tell people that they can’t eat shrimp and be catholic:

  • Neil

    @Thom Freeheart: LESS DAVEY WAVEY PLEASE.

    He bugs me.

  • Drew Scialo

    It’s not about belonging to something that persecutes you. It’s about changing it. I can ask the very same question about being American. We’re not afforded the same rights as everyone else. Queerty constantly reports on gay bar raids by ignorant police. Should we leave America and stop being Americans because we are persecuted by certain sections, or because our leaders turn a blind-eye or actually claim (after denouncing) that laws that treat us as second-class citizens are, in fact, good.

    I can’t say that the Catholic Church is the best thing ever, but it does do a lot of good in spite of being rather twisted. If I leave it, though, I’m just giving up. Sure, the Church is screwed up, but I can try to make the most out of it and change it for the better by being a part of it.

    And it really is about experiences. My parents are super Catholic. But they see it like they see America, yeah it’s fubar, but it is the best of what there is (outside of being an Atheist)

    And Naghanenu, Catholicism does work that way. The Holy See has recognized that Creationism makes absolutely no sense. It now says that God merely set things in motion, he didn’t plop everything down at once. So now Genesis is allegorical literature, not fact. It’s just a matter of time before it sees the flaws in the rest of it’s teachings.

    Vatican II only happened 40 years ago and the Holy See is still making changes.

  • Dale

    Towleroad doesn’t subject it’s readers to this shit.

  • Washington

    This really is garbage.
    Davey’s severly feign confidence is so tiring.

  • Washington


  • Naghanenu

    Hi again,

    Ok..good responses. Once again, please forgive me for offending anyone.

    I think that religion is based on faith. That is the point to test your faith process even when everything around u tells u its not possible. I mean isnt that what God is…some presence that is able to do infinitely more than is thot or imagined? Faith is not always meant to be logical…that’s why its faith.

    I guess we would have to just agree to disagree…

  • scott ny'er

    @Dale: i would be on towelroad all the time except it has that black background. Very bad design. Can’t read that crap on black.

  • angus


    Nag, you don’t offend me, so I hope I’m not offending you when I tell you there is no god. The bible was written by a bunch of old hebrews, na dit’s “laws” are a load of crap. get a brain.

  • Jack

    @scott ny’er: I so agree with you about Towleroad’s background. I suffer through it (slowly) because I appreciate the content, but the presentation can be a bit much for this old queen. I’m grateful to Queerty for keeping their “classic format” available.

  • PopSnap


    Yeah thats the way to fix problems: just run away from them. If we show people that there are gay christians out there, then they’ll realize that we’re not all a bunch of sex fiends with AIDS that swish our hips everywhere: we’re good and bad, religious and atheistic, sexual and prudish, just like them.

  • Nick

    @Washington: while I know you meant “feigned”, I just thought you misspelled “fay”

  • Nick

    * fey

  • Ryan

    A few comments…

    @Pop: There are plenty of die-hard Catholics still running around this country, you’d actually be surprised. I agree that, especially in the North East, many Catholics are more culturally Catholic than actually practicing Catholic, but even in the NE there’s still millions of practitioners.

    In terms of addressing the actual post itself, here’s some advice for surviving being a gay Catholic. I was confirmed at around 16 in the Catholic faith and was a life long Catholic, at one point a true believer. Here’s the advice: leave the church. LOL. I left after all the abuse scandals… how could I attend mass where all those bishops had been moving child rapists from parish to parish to *keep them from getting caught?* It wasn’t some small number, either… it was a significant number of priests. I’m not angry at the church anymore, I was for a very, very long time, but I came out of it much better off… learning much more about tolerance being out of the church than in it.

    Who are they to tell you you’re going gay, when the church leadership knew about such sins and not only did nothing to stop it, but shuttled the priests around so they could do it more and more and more?

    If people still want a faith community, why not try one of the *many* accepting ones out there, who are tolerant of others? I prefer Unitarian Universalists because they’re completely open to anyone of any faith and really try to create open communities of faith exploration, but the UCCs are also great, as well as many, many, many others. No one’s going to hell for being gay — I highly suggest against being a part of a church that says you will. That sort of masochism can’t be good for the soul.

  • Ryan

    Correction: Who are they to tell you you’re >>>going to hell<<< (not going gay)… that’ll teach me to write after 3am.


    I wanted to comment on Nag’s posts.

    1. You are completely ignorant on the spectrum of Christian faiths. Just because whatever Christian church you belong to says you can’t be gay and christian, doesn’t mean all of them do. There are major christian churches in America that have gay bishops. Get your facts straight!!!

    2. There’s a vast difference between faith and believing everything the church tells you. This statement offends me: “I think that religion is based on faith. That is the point to test your faith process even when everything around u tells u its not possible.”

    You’re saying that what you describe as your personal faith should be followed by everyone else. Faith is PERSONAL. Even in the Catholic Church, people are allowed to disagree with the “Holy See.” They’re allowed to think passages of the bible are wrong or misinterpreted, etc. etc. etc. You describe blind faith in your post. Most people subscribe to personal faiths that are living and evolve over time, as people come to new understandings in life. I suggest you do more of the latter and less of the former. You sound downright scary.

  • Cam

    @cgd: You said “”This is why I interact with breeders, they are far less judgmental and prejudicial than gays.”

    Oh you’re so right, Glen Beck, Fred Phelps, Rush Limbaugh…All those “Breeders” sure arn’t judgemental or anything.

  • Coco

    @Thom Freeheart:
    Thom writes “More Davey Wavey, please” every time there’s a post containing Davey.

    Thom, for the love of God, you found your way to this site. Just go directly to Davey Wavey’s site!

  • Thom Freeheart

    Unlike some of you, I’m smart enough not to click on features at Queerty that I don’t like.

  • Ryan

    I think hate crimes are horrible and unacceptable.

    but if they have to happen, why do they usually happen to good people, and not “god is love” wavey.

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