The Day Ken Turned Gay

We all now we all know that former Barbie beau Ken likes to lift his shirt. What you may not know, however, is the exact moment he realized his yen for men.

From a NY Times article on revamping beloved children’s toys:

Reinventing these beloved characters without inflicting indelible damage is one of the entertainment industry’s trickiest maneuvers. Go too far, as Mattel did in 1993 when it gave Ken a purple mesh T-shirt, a pierced ear and the name “Earring Magic Ken,” and it can set off a brand crisis on a global scale.
Earring Magic Ken is the industry’s nightmare. The character, who had blond highlights in his hair and a leather vest, drew howls from consumers, who did not see him as a realistic boyfriend for Barbie. Ken was already coping with arched eyebrows over his sexual orientation, and he seemed to have come out of the closet – something that Mattel most definitely did not intend.

Yes, but at least Ken broke free of that bitch Barbie’s manicured clutches. He has since founded a gay resort in Key West.