The Day The Sky Turned Gay

(Image removed at copyright holder’s request.)

In a breathtaking blaze of glory, Nature puts on one of its most spectacular sky shows.

Reds, oranges, blues and greens create a flaming rainbow that stretches above the clouds.

But this circumhorizon arc, as it is known, owes more to ice than fire. It occurs when sunlight passes through ice crystals in high cirrus clouds. It is one of 15 types of ice halos formed only when the most specific of factors dovetail precisely together.

This blanket of fire, covering hundreds of square miles, is the rarest phenomenon of them all. It was spotted in the US on the Washington-Idaho border around midday last Saturday.

If only President Bush‘s politics were impacted by signs from God. Oh wait, they are — but only selectively.

Rainbow that set the sky on fire [Daily Mail]

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  • larry reisnouer

    Please remove the photo that is posted with this blog immediately. It is a copyrighted image. The property of The Spokesman-Review and the photographer who took the image. Copyrights are a protection of someones property, in the future please honor, not only our copyright, but others as well.

  • Steve

    Either Larry is retarded or I’m seeing things. I could have sworn I saw an Associated Press copyright symbol on the bottom right of the photo. And I doubt there’s any copyright infringement since this post is only linking back to the source material. Lastly, if Larry works for a newspaper, which it sounds like he does, perhaps he should learn to proper use of apostrophe s. Such as when you wish to show possession, you would write “protection of someone’s property”.

    Grammar. It’s important.

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