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The Definitive Way To Tell Spring Has Arrived

The Regulars Comic, from Karl Hampe, is published every Friday on Queerty.

The Regulars Comic is a fun, snarky take on what might happen if a gay, urban attorney burn-out wound up running a coffee bar. It’s an irreverent weekly, web-based look at the silly, sexy, and enraging clash between gay pride and daily prejudice. Visit for more, and check it out on Facebook.

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  • Joe


  • Simon



  • Harbo

    Neither fun or snarky.

  • hephaestion

    Was that supposed to be funny?

  • Bubba

    Wow, this comic was truly a “web-based look at the silly, sexy, and enraging clash between gay pride and daily prejudice,” and not at all a lame fashion joke set to amateur doodles.

    Moving on.

  • Devon

    Cathy is a laugh riot compared to this.

  • p.s.

    The first time I read this comic, I thought it was bad. But I gave it another chance and read the next one the following week. Again, I was unimpressed. I gave it another chance and another… Still, I’m not impressed.

    But to be honest, I can’t stop myself from clicking on the link whenever Queerty posts this. I’ve become really curious in find out if the author could one day write something that could make us laugh.

  • divkid

    yes… AND…?

    you *forgot* something…?
    — like, the punch line…the gag…the actual fuckin’ pay off?!

    either this is waaay above my head,
    or the brain cells i just exterminated reading that, shut down my comedy detection facility.

    thank you. and no more.

  • greenmanTN

    @Devon: “Cathy is a laugh riot compared to this.”

    Ok, now THAT was mean! LOL!

  • Fitz

    Two weeks in a row I have been an idiot. I have fallen for your bait and switch of showing a sexy photo, followed by (honestly) a not so great comic strip… Sorry, he looks like a nice guy, but this shit just isn’t very funny or artistic.

  • scott ny'er

    @Devon: No. 6 · Devon. “Cathy is a laugh riot compared to this.”
    OK. That was funny and almost made me spit out my drink.

  • thedarkchariot

    @scott ny’er:
    HAHA @ Devon. Awesome.

  • Tom

    wtf is on his head? This comic strip blows more than a twink on his 21st birthday

  • Eminent Victorian

    The drawing is really lazy, but thanks for telling us that the strip is funny and irreverent rather than telling us it’s well-drawn. If you have to tell us how think about it, it likely didn’t hit the mark. But good luck anyway, I guess.

  • Joey

    The cartoonist is evidently providing the queerty people with something in order for them to publish this. I hope it is a very very pleasurable something, considering the misery this cartoon causes the rest of us.

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