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The Democratic Party’s Official Position on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: ‘Shhhh’


If the GOP had things their way, the military’s ban on gays serving openly would remain. Maybe they’d even ramp things up a notch, allowing commanders to kick out even closeted gays! But with Democrats running the White House and Congress, were we fools to think Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would quickly become a relic of a discriminatory past? We certainly didn’t when the majority of us cast our vote for Obama. But make no mistake: The president’s backpedaling on the issue isn’t a one-man assignment. Barack Obama has the entire party behind his inaction.

Though Obama is the default figurehead of the DNC, the group’s chairman and Virginia’s governor Tim Kaine carries a position altogether similar, supportive, and eerily unactionable. Speaking with David Gregory on Meet The Press:

MR. GREGORY: They are, I understand that. During the campaign he said that “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the government’s–the military’s prohibition against gays and lesbians in the military would be overturned. He hasn’t done that yet. Is he walking back from some of the key campaigns that he…


MR. GREGORY: …promises he made in the course of the campaign?

GOV. KAINE: Absolutely not. Let me take them in order. […] And then finally, on “don’t ask, don’t tell” the president has said, and I share this, this is a policy that needs to change. It is a policy that was enacted by Congress, and so working with Congress to find a way to change it is something he’s committed to doing with Secretary Gates. But he, he has the same…

MR. GREGORY: Why hasn’t he done it? Why…

GOV. KAINE: Well, he’s only been, he’s only been in for three-plus months. He’s had a little bit to deal with.


GOV. KAINE: A couple of wars, toughest economy since 1930s.

MR. GREGORY: So this is not a top priority for him.

GOV. KAINE: This is a very important priority, but it is something that’s going to need Congressional support so he’s working with the military leaders on this. And there’s a whole host of other issues that the president has said, “I’m getting to. I can’t get to them yet, but I’m going to get to them.” And that’s what happens with every president.

Surely Mr. Obama has room on his slick new BlackBerry’s calendar to pencil some time in for civil rights, doesn’t he?

In the meantime: “The Obama administration has decided to accept an appeals-court ruling that could undermine the military’s ban on service members found to be gay. A federal appeals court in San Francisco last year ruled that the government must justify the expulsion of a decorated officer solely because she is a lesbian. The court rejected government arguments that the law banning gays in the military should have a blanket application, and that officials shouldn’t be required to argue the merits in her individual case. The administration let pass a May 3 deadline to appeal to the Supreme Court. That means the case will be returned to the district court, and administration officials said they will continue to defend the law there.”

Got that? The White House opted not to try for a third extension of the deadline, and while it “figures out” how to repeal DADT, it’s going to KEEP ARGUING FOR AND ENFORCING IT. Not exactly the strategy of an administration, or a political party, which claims eliminating the policy is, in the words of Gov. Kaine, “a very important priority.”

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  • Todd

    I will give, no money. no time, and no votes as long as DADT tell stands. There is no point in being taken advantage of.

    We, the GLBT community should hold democrats accountable, and withheld — no money, no time, no votes unti lthey address our issues.

    Add your name to the online petition, 111,000 signatures as of Monday May 18, 2009. 10pm EST.

    Keep your promise, President Obama
    Tell the President to end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and not to fire Lt. Dan Choi
    Lt. Dan Choi, from Orange County, California, is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and an Iraq War veteran. Last March he went on Rachel Maddow’s show and spoke three truthful words: “I am gay.” As a result Lt. Choi received a letter from the Army on April 23 discharging him for violating the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. He told Rachel Maddow the letter was “a slap in the face” to himself and the soldiers he as commanded and served with over the past decade. Lt. Choi is fighting to stay in the military and ensure that no other soldier is ever again discharged as a result of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The Courage Campaign and CREDO Mobile are joining his effort to secure equality in our armed forces. President Obama did not create this policy. But he now has the opportunity to keep his promise and allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in the military. It’s the right thing to do — for justice and for national security

  • Michael @

    “Congress has already granted the president authority to halt military discharges in the interest of national security. Under 10 U.S.C. 12305, ‘the President may suspend ANY provision of law relating to promotion, retirement, or separation applicable to ANY MEMBER of the armed forces who the President determines is essential to the national security of the United States’.” – Nathaniel Frank, DADT expert, author of “Unfriendly Fire.”

  • Chitown Kev

    At least this casts the net more properly where it belongs (as opposed to the anti-Obama posts). It’s a Democratic party problem and has been for years and years. Turn up the heat on Nancy Pelosi (as if she doesn’t have enough heat on her already).

  • lileasy

    I believe we need to watch Witt v Airforce closely. If DOJ comes out strongly in favor of DADT, that should be a wakeup call to those who believe there is some secret Administration strategy to keep candidate Obama’s promise. It seems more apparent each day that BHO is nothing more than a new and improved version of GHWB, which should make the displaced repubs quite happy. For my part, I will be looking for a new party to place my support. Surely one will emerge now that the olde GOP has offed itself.

  • lileasy

    @Chitown Kev: Sorry, Kev. I guess you will consider post #4 to be anti-Obama.

  • andy_d

    @Todd: Todd: By refusing to vote, you are discarding a very valuable tool in your (and our) arsenal. There are reasons why there are write in spaces on the ballot.

    Years ago, while living in Virginia, there were some ballot issues on which I wanted to make my feelings known through voting. The elections for Governor, Lietenant Governor and Commonwealth’s Attorney were so filthy because of the non-stop mud slinging, I wrote in my votes for Nukie the Wonder Hound, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

    Please, please, please do NOT throw away your ability to exercise a right which many, the world over, are denied.

  • Robert, NYC

    If we lie under oath in a court of law, we are charged with perjury and face imprisonment and a fine or both.

    DADT encourages gay service men and women to lie about who they are, in other words, DADT signifies dishonesty sanctioned by the government. Aside from unit commanders and other senior officials in the military, are regular straight service members allowed to ask a man or woman if they are gay? If they are, isn’t that also a violation of DADT and shouldn’t they too be kicked out for asking the question? I fail to see why congressional approval is required to get this disgusting law removed. U.S. service men and women have been serving alongside openly gay Brits since the start of the war in Iraq, there have been no reports of any contrary incidents or lowering of morale among U.S. soldiers. We’re one of the few remaining western countries that discriminates in the military. Its about time Obama signed off on a repeal, immediately. I won’t be voting for him in 2012 either.

  • Chitown Kev

    Uh, no I don’t.

  • Michael @

    @Chitown Kev:

    “the net more properly where it belongs”

    It belongs over BOTH the Party AND Obama, but over him FIRST because HE was the one who led their ticket, he was the one who declared that repeal only required “leadership” and that HE wasw that LEADER, promising repeatedly to “work with Congress and place the weight of my administration behind enactment of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act.” HE was the one who promised to “task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

    To the contrary, multiple Administration representatives have confirmed he is not currently doing either, and with absolutely no credible explanation he, not the Party, is refusing to use his Congressionally-mandated authority as Commander-in-Chief to freeze discharges until they act while everyday at least 1-2 more like Lt. Choi are discharged and our national security if further weakened.

    AND, HIS Defense Department, not the Party, recently declared that they would continue to DEFEND Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in court.

    Therefore, he’s not even willing to get out of the way of letting the courts possibly overturn DADT.

  • Chitown Kev

    @Michael @
    Exactly. Obama can’t do it all by himself (as far as DADT is concerned) but he can use the bully pulput to put a foot in Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s ass. And as Commander in Chief he has powers over limited areas of this.

    We need to be asking for Gates’ to be fired at this time.

  • dgz

    @Chitown Kev:

    so it’s not Obama’s fault, but his the Secretary’s? i’m not 100% seeing the logic, there. i agree with you that we should focus on the legislators first, but the Secretary of Defense is responsible for implementing the *prez’s* policy, not vice versa.

  • Chitown Kev


    Who has the power to fire the Secretary of Defense? The president does. I’m not defending Obama, don’t be silly.

  • lileasy

    @Chitown Kev: Getting congress to act? Isn’t that like herding cats?

  • Chitown Kev


    Pretty much.

  • dgz

    @Chitown Kev: why ask Obama to fire Gates for doing what Obama told him to do? now *that’s* silly! and circular.

  • Bob R

    Well, we had good old Slick Willy doing us dirty last time the Dems had the White House. Now we’ll have Bullshit Barry giving a reprise of the Clinton years, sans sex scandal, I hope. Right now, as far as Obama and his administration is concerned, I’m feeling a bad case of buyer’s remorse. But, what was the alternative? The madman McCain and that Alaskan trailer trash Palin? Our political system is badly broken and voting has become a proposition where you must choose the candidate that gives off the least stench.

  • DonG90806

    @lileasy: I am a retired law professor who has read the Witt v. Air Force decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. It is extremely, extremely pro-gay and is extremely pro-gay for military people. If the Department of Justice had appealed this to the US Supreme Court, it surely would have been overturned. That the Attorney General, Eric Holder, decided not to appeal is a tremendous success for gays. I doubt Obama had anything to do with the decision, but the Attorney General certainly knows about Obama’s position of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    The Witt case held that in the 9th circuit that gays are entitled to a “heightened level” of scrutiny. If they had decided that gays were only entitled to a “rational basis” test, the burden of proof would have been on Major Margaret Witt to prove that her lesbianism was not a detriment to unit cohesion and all the other BS that the military spouts. However, by holding that gays are entitled to a heightened level of scrutiny, the burden of proof shifts to the government to prove that her lesbianism was a detriment to unit cohesion and unit morale. It’s now up to the government to prove its case when it goes back to trial.

    In addition, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that the US Supreme Court case of Lawrence v. Texas (which overturned all the sodomy laws in the US) was decided on heightened scrutiny grounds and not on a rational basis test; it’s the first court to hold this which is extremely important for gays.

    Attorney General Eric Holder gets a lot of kudos for not appealing this case to the Supreme Court which surely would have overturned it.

  • Todd

    Todd: By refusing to vote, you are discarding a very valuable tool in your (and our) arsenal. There are reasons why there are write in spaces on the ballot.

    I should have made that more clear. No votes for Dems until they take our issues seriously.

  • Tony

    Wow, as long as we aren’t being “Anti-Obama” it is okay to stand up for our basic civil rights. I get it. Praise Obama. Pass the Kool-Aid.

  • John Smith

    If Mr. Obama were truly against “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” he would have filed a bill as a Senator to repeal it. He didn’t do this. In fact, he did basically nothing as a Senator, except write two best selling books and run for President. His priorities have always been himself, not us.

  • Tony

    Remember that Obama mixed and remixed religion and pop culture by stating that he is against marriage equality because “God is in the mix”. What do you expect from a person who blends religion and hip hop, two toxic sources of antigay hatred.

    The democrats picked this douchebag because he represents them.

  • lileasy

    @DonG90806: Thank you. That is very helpful. Then, the watchword shall be “know hope” and not “no hope.”

  • Michael @


    Professor your take on the decision not to appeal the decision in Capt. Witt’s favor is good…as far as it goes.

    The good that Holder has done is almost negated by the bad [make no mistake, ENTIRELY with the approval of the White House].

    There is NO excuse for an administration that says they want to get rid of DADT to also say they will defend it in lower courts.

    It reminds me of when, during the last week of President Carter’s administration in 1981, his Deputy Secretary of Defense, Graham Claytor, a former attorney, issued a policy, to great applause from gays and their allies, that declared that, in the absence of aggravating circumstances such as the use of force in a discovered sex act, the military would start granting “honorable” discharges to gays being discharged rather than variations “less than honorable” which had been the practice.

    This was not just important symbolically, but functionally. Without an honorable discharge [and a minimum period of service] one is not eligible for veteran benefits such as money to go to college. Though frequently breached by homohating officers, it was definitely a good thing for gays, and remains the [usual] practice under DADT 28 years later.

    HOWEVER, at the same time, after years of having to defend to growingly irritated courts the inconsistency of the ban on gays between branches, including an “exception policy” that theoretically allowed some gays to remain—the initial main focus in the first challenge to the ban initiated by Leonard Matlovich—Claytor INCREASED future discharges by throwing the various policies out and replacing them with a blanket, 123-word policy that he believed could better withstand legal challenges, and, overall, it did.

    Spokepersons for the subsequent administrations memorized its 123-words. They became buzzwords [“Homosexuality is incompatible with military service,” “propensity to engage in homosexual conduct”] used both in DADT justification and policy.

  • Dennis

    Politics is a TEAM sport, people…If DADT pisses you off, then make noise to ALL of your reps in D.C. Singling out Obama is not going to get DADT repealed. TEAM SPORT, make ALL the dems feel the heat…not one gay vote, not one gay dollar until DADT is gone. And if we can communicate this to them, and mean business, DADT is gone before the midterms.

  • Tony

    Maybe the Dems can co-write a book with Obamabigot called ” It Takes A Village (to oppress LGBT equality)” or “Marriage Equality: The Audacity of Nope”.

  • Michael @

    And, lest anyone be distracted by all the talk of policies this and support that, defending DADT in court means that Obama, 34 years after Leonard first fought the ban, is telling his administration’s attorneys to stand up and say,

    “We want Capt. Witt [and others like her] discharged simply for being gay.”


  • Dennis

    Tony, what are your solutions to the problem? Who’s gonna help us, do better for us, huh? Do you even understand who our REAL enemies are? I think not. All you do is bitch and add nothing of value. Log off and contact your reps in D.C., letting them know your concerns, or STFU!

  • Tony

    @Michael @,

    Wow. The more things change the more they stay the same. Obama really stands for “Same we can’t believe in…”

  • atdleft

    @Dennis: I hope you’re right. And yes, I’ve been asking my members of Congress for some time now to repeal DADT.

    @DonG90806: Yes, he does. However, it would be so much easier for everyone if the Obama Administration were to stop sending so many mixed signals on LGBT civil rights. Will they repeal DADT or not? If he wanted to, President Obama could undo it NOW with the stroke of a pen. But since he’d rather pass the buck to Congress, he should at least put some pressure on them to act.

  • lileasy

    @Michael @ Dang. Michael. You could have given me at least a few moments to take some comfort in the professor’s comments. I would much perfer to believe in Obama’s secret plan. Of course, I was also slow to give up on Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Jesus.

  • Tony

    @· Dennis

    Relax. I stand for full equality for the LGBT Community. I stand for the principles of Equal Protection under the US Constitution. I stand for supporting politicians who also stand for full equality. I don’t like being Obama’s bait and switch bitch (Translation, I don’t like seeing how every time Obama slaps the LGBT Community in the face, or breaks clearly made promises to get our MONEY and TIME we offer him excuses,
    and crawl back to him like Rhianna after a night with Chris “Smackdown Brown”. Sorry, this bitch has had enough.)

    I find it very funny how the Obamabots worship Obama the same way the Bushtards worshipped Bush shortly after 9/11. Blind faith in times of turmoil is a dangerous thing.

    Many times I am being deliberately ironic, many times I use analogies and metaphors. Getting huffy and personally attacking someone posting who has a differing viewpoint is childish and douchey. Just sayin’.

  • lileasy

    @Dennis: Yeah, Dennis. Our reps down here in Alabama really care what their gay constituents think.

  • Tony

    And um, Dennis, I am very involved in local LGBT politics and put my time and MONEY where my mouth is. I log onto Queerty every few days because the is one of the few blogs where we in the LGBT Community demonstrate that we have the balls, backbone and heart to QUESTION our dear leader.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    First of all, we have been failed by our supposed “Gay leadership” organizations. Where is the Human Rights Campaign? (holding black tie dinners somewhere, I guess).

    Secondly, lets realize that the GOP is worse. So lets try to figure out good ways to cause trouble for the Dems. I suggest causing trouble for anti-Gay Dems such as Carney, Artur Davis, etc. that aren’t supportive.

    Thirdly (and most importantly), who are the Committee Chairs in the House and Senate that a repeal of DADT and ENDA would have to go through? Why aren’t they pushing these issues. Even if they ‘say’ they are in favor of our agenda they are either lying, unable to lead, or its not really important to them. Lets see if we can cause some trouble for them in primaries. Lead example. Nancy Pelosi. How about a ‘you fail to lead’ primary challenge against her in her SF based district? Who are the other committee chairs? Can we cause them some trouble back home as well.

    Fourth, no money for inaction. Withhold your votes and your support. And that goes doubly for organizations in our community that don’t stand up for our goals strongly enough.

  • Tom in Lazybrook


    Alabama is a perfect place to cause trouble. There is a primary in Alabama between an AWFUL anti-Gay Democrat (Artur Davis) and another candidate, Ron Sparks. Support Sparks in the primary. If Davis wins, start an ‘undervote’ campaign (or support Nall if she is going to run as a third party).

    Make the Democrats EARN our vote.

  • lileasy

    @Tom in Lazybrook: Tom, I am listening. Thanks.

  • Dennis

    You don’t question, you bash and hurl insults (like I do to the repubs, so I understand that there is a difference). And yet, again, I see no solutions, only bitching…which is certainly your right…but who’s gonna help us? Who? Do we wait for a gay president? Or do we get practical, hold our noses if neccessary, put the pressure on, and work with what we’ve got? And if you think Obama is truly, I mean TRULY a homophobe, then you are divorced from reality. He’s a politician, not a gay hater…there IS a difference.

    Honey, I wish you well, but Jeebus himself can’t fix the godforsaken confederacy…hope you’re safe and happy there, but I’m afraid “the inmates run the asylum down there”, maybe come up north…you’ll need a snow shovel in winter, but it’s a trade-off that might be worth it.

  • Robert, NYC

    I have a recommendation to all of the gay organizations involved with equality. Band together and deliver to Obama, Pelosi and other key Democrats a “to do” list with deadlines. If they can’t deliver as they said they would during the campaign, then they are on immediate notice not to expect our vote in 2010 or 2012 and beyond. If they want our support so badly, let them do it the old fashioned way, EARN it. So far, all we’ve received is a big fat ZERO and getting bigger by the minuute. The reason why Obama is so ineffective is simple, religion is in the mix, its at the core of DADT and DOMA and deeply entrenched in his psyche. He’d rather throw us under the bus than confront the religious bigots head on, the very ones who control our elected officials for the most part. This is the change we voted for? Action speaks louder than words, Mr. President, you’ve been pretty silent for far too long! He’s morphed into Bush lite.

  • James P. P.


    in the last posts when i was saying that this is not an “Obama” issue, it is a democratic party issue… people gave me slack. i’m not going to call Obama a homo-hater… he isn’t.

    i said it before and i will say it again/l the dragging of the feet is by the ENTIRE democratic party – any one of them could stand up and propose a bill. nobody has.


    one has to think of the democratic party as a machine. this particular cog is not needed now… at least not while homos are making all kinds of strides on the state level with gay marriage. there are OTHER factors at play here… it’s not JUST DADT. i know it will take a long time to work out all the details, but someone PLEASE… throw us a bone….

  • Tony


    Wah!!!! Anyone who states that LGBT people do not deserve to call their relationships marriages, and children of LGBT people do not have the right to call their parents married (making them de facto “bastards”) is IN FACT a bigot.

    I believe that we in the LGBT Community do not have the luxury of supporting bigots who hate us a little less than the other bigots, because we still end up as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS pay FULL TAXES (What part of BITCH don’t you get?!?!) We need to support those who support FULL EQUALITY for LGBT PEOPLE.

    The Republican Party is the brand of last choice, that is one of the reasons the Dems and Obama have thrown us under the bus like a used condom. We now need to use our time and money to support those who support us.

    Simple really. Hope my anger didn’t make Baby Jesus Obamabigot cry. (Wah!)

  • Tony


    You state “He’s a politician, not a gay hater…there IS a difference.”

    The proof is in the pudding, and when his view on full LGBT equality have me under (NOT AT THE BACK) of the bus, (look at marriage equality, DADT, HIV/AIDS funding, McClurkin, Warren etc. etc. etc…. I think he IS a gay hater.

    His actions render gay military employees UNEMPLOYED in a bad economy, his actions impact the children of LGBT people etc. He puts the stamp of approval on homohatred by licking the butts of bigots like Warren and McClurkin. Do we need to address us as “Faggots” before we stop thinking he loves and supports us.


    Grow a spine, a brain and a backbone!

  • Tony

    OOPS. “Grow a spine, a brain and a backbone!”

    Meant to say “Grow balls, brains and a backbone!”

  • Lee

    @James P. P.:

    I’m not clear whether you are saying YOU believe, “this particular cog is not needed now… at least not while homos are making all kinds of strides on the state level with gay marriage,” or are saying you think that’s what they believe.

    In either case, the reality of not sitting passively by is that

    1. Even if all 50 states plus DC & US territories legalized marriage equality TODAY, gay couples would still be denied those 1000+ federal benefits and the foreign-born partners of American-born gays could not automatically become citizens, live here with their partners, as heterosexuals can.

    2. In addition, the multiple orgasims over these “strides” are disproportionate to their reality. FORTY-FIVE states, DC, and all the territories have yet to legalize marriage equality. By the rate we’re going, the most optimistic fantasy is that they all will have by the year 2024….seven years after the assumed second term will have ended of the man who promised to throw the full weight of his administration behind DOMA repeal.

    3. “Now” includes now and now gays continue to be discharged from the military daily, even as I write this; by statistical trends, over 100 since Obama took office.

  • Dennis

    And no one on this site has ever, EVER been able to name someone who can actually win the national presidential election who’s gonna do us better…no one…ever. I ask again, who’s our savior? Who? Name it, c’mon, who’s our gay-lovin’ president gonna be?!! I really want to know….

    Criticize Obama, fine…but if you put him in the same league as real certifiable gay haters, you are just engaging in the Obama hating circle jerk, otherwise known as Queerty…and you are USELESS to the cause of getting things done in reality, where we have REAL, REAL enemies who wish to actively do us harm! I’m done with your wingnut asses for today.

    laters, haters.

  • Tony

    Now” includes now and now gays continue to be discharged from the military daily, even as I write this; by statistical trends, over 100 since Obama took office.”

    Excellent point Lee. I wonder if those LGBT people and their families feel the Obama love as they try to cope with unemployment in a horrible economy, losing their jobs the same way they would under Bush.

    Once again, “Obama, same I can’t believe in!”

    God, at least Palin had a “gay” friend (sarcasm etc.).

  • Tony

    “laters, haters”

    More cliches from the Obamabots.

    Obama is right of center on LGBT issues. Most Americans oppose DADT. In the latest polls, more people support marriage equality than do not. Most Americans think that housing and employment discrimination against LGBT people is wrong.

    Obama just isn’t that INTO teh gays. Period. Your reasoned reaction is “later haters”. LOL.

    I call Obama and the Obamabots douchebags. Oh well, if the nozzle fits.

  • Tony

    LOL “laters haters” so young, so fresh, so hip-hop, so 2005.

  • Tony


    “REAL enemies who wish to actively do us harm!”

    Douchetard, getting fired because you are gay is a REAL HARM.

    And not doing anything to protect these people is REAL HATRED.

    “Laters” LOL. Tard.

  • Lee


    Blah fucking blah. No one’s buying your attempt to distract us with the personality game. YOU are among those who keep making this ABOUT OBAMA when it’s about what he is DOING or NOT DOING.

    And by those standards, we are no functionally better off than we were January 19th, Bush’s last day in office when HE was, like Obama, not doing anything to convince Congress to overturn DADT and DOMA; when HE was discharging gays; when HE was doing nothing to pass ENDA or hate crimes enchancement, etc., etc.

    Grow the fuck up! This is NOT about who LIKES us OR hates us. And it’s NOT about someone else being in office. HE’S in office, and, one of those OTHER promises he made that people have forgotten is that, paraphrasing Truman [you know, the guy who HAD THE BALLS to stand up to the military in the rabidly racist 40s], he understood, accepted that the buck would stop with HIM.


  • Dennis

    Tony, it’s disturbing that you direct more hatred at me, and at others who support rights for GLBT’s, than you do at our true enemies. Beleive it not, we are on the same team, desiring a better, fairer world for GLBT persons. Not sure how this better world can happen by spewing venom and hatred at each other. Does that make any ssense to you, or are you just blinded by rage or bitterness?

    No cliches this time, just a request for you to seek therapy, or to at least start taking your medicine again. We need all the sane people we can get, working in reality to secure our rights.

  • Tony

    Ahh, Dennis, don’t you have anymore “hip” cliches you borrowed from MTV circa 2005. You called me out, I called you out. I fight back like a good oppressed LGBT person should. Those who think we should divert our time and energy from those who support us to those who use and abuse us are in fact, true enemies.

    To quote a douche, “laters”.

  • Tony

    Hey Dennis, learn how to spell, then move on to critical thinking. LOL. Oh and


    Blah fucking blah. No one’s buying your attempt to distract us with the personality game. YOU are among those who keep making this ABOUT OBAMA when it’s about what he is DOING or NOT DOING.

    And by those standards, we are no functionally better off than we were January 19th, Bush’s last day in office when HE was, like Obama, not doing anything to convince Congress to overturn DADT and DOMA; when HE was discharging gays; when HE was doing nothing to pass ENDA or hate crimes enchancement, etc., etc.

    Grow the fuck up! This is NOT about who LIKES us OR hates us. And it’s NOT about someone else being in office. HE’S in office, and, one of those OTHER promises he made that people have forgotten is that, paraphrasing Truman [you know, the guy who HAD THE BALLS to stand up to the military in the rabidly racist 40s], he understood, accepted that the buck would stop with HIM.

    What he said and ummmm DITTO BABY!

  • dgz

    Tony, not that i disagree with you, but can you please not quadruple-post? occasional doubles are okay, but 4 in a row isn’t cool.

    and y’all, we really don’t need big picture files in the comments section. stop.

  • Tony


    ” Truman, you know, the guy who HAD THE BALLS ”

    Looks like Truman was the “True Man” and Obama is the “True Mangina” Obama = Trumangina. LOL. Now, I didn’t get that one from MTV circa 2005. I got that from 2.0 Circa 2009.

    It looks like the balls in the White House are under Michelle’s panties.

  • Tony

    @· dgz

    okay, oops, I did it again.

  • Tom in Lazybrook


    This isn’t just about Obama. Here’s how I’d move forward.

    1) No more money. For anyone that isn’t in favor of DADT repeal now and ENDA passing now. Stop that gravy train right now.

    2) Raise hell with the ‘go along to get along – even if it means postponing our goals’ gay “leadership” groups like the Human Rights Campaign. The HRC Treasurer publically signed off on a delay of DADT repeal in January. If the “gay leadership” isn’t willing to stand up for this issue, then why would we be surprised if straight people don’t see a sense of urgency. HRC, the DNC, the DCCC, and the DSC have told us for years, well we can’t do anything while the GOP is in power. That excuse is over. Produce or else. Those who continue to fund the failure that is the HRC are hurting DADT repeal and ENDA passing.

    3) If there is still something blocking DADT repeal or ENDA passing, then who is it? Is it Webb with DADT repeal? If so, I suggest we cause trouble for him in Northern Virginia. This isn’t about a platform position now. Its about results.

  • Tony

    @Tom in Lazybrook

    Well said.

  • Sam

    Whoever is writing this crap: you should learn how our government works. The DOJ deciding NOT to appeal in Witt is MAJOR. It’s the DOJ’s JOB to enforce laws that Congress has passed. LAWS LIKE DADT!

    For the DOJ to DECLINE to seek cert in Witt is a major concession for the administration to be making. Not that you’ll ever give them credit for it… or anything else they do.

  • Dennis

    Attempting to introduce reason, or rational analysis on this site related to this administration, will only serve to have the wingnuts unleash on you…

    They smell it, like a drop of blood in the water. I’ve said too much already, have to go now… ;>

  • lileasy

    @Tom in Lazybrook: Tom, or any of you savy folks out there, Do you know if there is a comprehensive list posted anywhere, which includes a score card of gay rights positions of politicos, pundits, corporations and the like, so folks could know where to provide/withhold support? I believe such a site would provide an invaluable service to the community and perhaps cause some discomfort to those receiving low scores, such as the F-minus given last week by Dan Savage to the Prez. It would also reward our friends. Not a big deal perhaps, but it would sure be helpful. Tom, you mentioned Jim Webb. I have always admired Senator Webb, yet I do not know his stand on gay rights. Is he someone from whom we should be asking help on DADT? My impression is that he is on our side. I only use him as an example. You gave me a recommendation this AM regarding Democratic politicians here in Alabama. Great information, and I will follow up on it. I’ll bet there are a whole lot of folks who would find such information useful. It would be even better if there were multiple, competing sites.

  • Chitown Kev


    Here is a site which posts stands on all the issues including LGBT issues, which are liosted under the civil rights section.

    Webb supports DADT. It’s under the homeland security section.

    The HRC website also has a scorecard for each legislative session but that only applies to issues that come up during a particular legislative session

  • lileasy

    @dgz: DGZ, I really, really enjoyed the Obama/Stonewall graphic post. It cut right to the heart of this thread. I hope you will allow some latitude.

  • Chitown Kev



  • Alec

    @Chitown Kev: Isn’t it? Of course, it would be very suspect, from an ethical perspective, not to disclose that, one would think.

  • lileasy

    @Chitown Kev: Thanks, Kev. I’ll check it out.

  • Chitown Kev

    Yes, it would.

    I mean, I know it’s a blog and all but it’s “the media” still.

    Very interesting…

  • sparkle obama

    >>What do you expect from a person who blends religion and hip hop<<

    you just jumped the shark darling.

  • Tony

    Sparkle Obama (The name speaks volumes) it is called sarcasm sweetie. Not being literal, douchiedouche. Now go watch some infomercials and glue up some more “Hope” posters in your padded cell.

  • Tony

    Sparkle Obama, didn’t you say in a different post that you have sex with men, but don’t want to call yourself “gay”. Another downlow delusional Obamabot, sparkle girl, sparkle.

    I guess you have Sparkle Obama Pride. Talk about denial and delusion.

  • Lee


    First, sorry the Stonewall one was so large; not always easy to tell what size they’ll appear.

    And, forgive my ignorance, but are you a Queerty editor, DGZ?

    If you are, then, of course, I’ll comply, respectfully.

    If you aren’t, your personal preferences are irrelevant to me. In addition to the ancient truism, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” are Supreme Court decisions declaring images the equivalent of speech, and isn’t the comment section about speaking to each other?


  • Tony

    And I was pointing out how Obama used popular culture (religion and hip hop) to reach voters. This demoonstrated the use of style over substance, as simple-minded people identify others with similar tastes, superstitions or belief systems as sharing the same values.

    Trying to translate for you Sparkle Obamabot. Hopefully the glitter in your head has not killed too many brain cells as you cannot afford such a loss given your lack of education and native intelligence.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Obama says on his website that he supports DADT repeal. So Webb’s website isn’t too convincing for me. I think that its’ Webb in the Senate who is holding this up in the Senate. Its Rahm in the White House. And its’ Nancy Pelosi, who destroyed the career of Harman when she dared to attempt to bring it up for a vote. Nancy didn’t destroy Harman over DADT (she carries a grudge back from Calif politics) but the net result was the same. Harman was going to introduce.

  • Chitown Kev


    Would you say, then, that Obama appealed to many voters with a vaguely similar mindset as Sarah Palin voters (minus the racism, of course)?

  • dgz

    Lee, you know i’m not an editor. but it’s difficult to have any real discussion if others’ preferences are irrelevant to you.

    all i ask is that, if you *must* post a picture, right click, select properties (to see how big it is), and if it’s huge, resize so that it fits at least within a screen. you have to admit some peeps are abusing the html on this site.

  • Tony

    @Chitown Kev

    “Would you say, then, that Obama appealed to many voters with a vaguely similar mindset as Sarah Palin voters (minus the racism, of course)?”

    Yes I would. And sadly style over substance is powerful with a largely unimformed public. So many Obamabots (don’t know what they call those who love Palin) are so blinded by the style that they cannot see beyond it even when he lacks substance or his substance causes them harm.

  • Chitown Kev


    I…agree with you in many ways. Surprised?

  • James

    I think gay people freak straight people out. It’s like they don’t know what to do with them.

  • denguyfl

    Why all the pressure on Obama to act on his own? It is high time we start putting the onus on our community to make this an issue that can not be ignored. Not ignored by Obama. Not ignored by Congress. Not ignored by the military. Not ignored by this country.I live in a Navy town. Let’s take this fight to the gates.

    What were we doing while Press Secretary Gibbs was being grilled day after day on DADT last week. How many of us were talking to our representatives demanding they take a look at DADT. We had the MSM doing it for us for God’s sake! That was a perfect opportunity to put even greater pressure on Congress.

    I saw no calls to action. I did see a lot of “Hey guys look what Jake Tapper asked….” Why aren’t we asking these things too? Is it because we don’t have a microphone? We all have a microphone on the web so don’t let that hold you back. My microphone is found on twitter. DenguyFL

  • Michael @

    A heads up for what promises to be the focus of renewed attention from mainstream as well as gay media regarding Obama and DADT.

    Friday, President Obama will be the commencement speaker at Annapolis. The Navy is the branch that has historically been the most rabid in its homophobia, with discharge numbers disproportionately high compared to other branches, with a ruthless investigations unit, NIS. It is the branch that tried to blame a 1989 turret gun test explosion on the USS Iowa in which 47 were killed on a man they alleged was gay and had purposely caused it because another sailor had spurned him. They ended up having to publicly apologize to his family for having publicly smeared their son as a murderer without any proof.

    I want to believe that it will be an historic turning point that we will long remember; that Obama will use the occasion to return to his eloquent promises about fighting to overturn DADT.

    He could tell them the story of Navy Top Gun bombardier navigator Tracy Thorne, kicked out solely for being gay after the government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars training him.

    He could tell them the story of Annapolis graduate Copy Berg, among its tops ensigns, and who had sung with the Annapolis Glee Club at Nixon’s second inaugural. Then he could tell them that NIS treated Lt. Copy Berg like a treasonous Russian spy before he was discharged solely for being gay.

    Or he could tell them about Joe Steffan, who’d been in the Top 10 of his Annapolis senior class, twice represented the Navy singing The National Anthem before televised Army-Navy Games, and was a Battalion Commander over one-sixth of the Academy’s 4500 midshipmen…until they found out he was gay and one superior purposely humiliated him by ordering him to literally rip his Commander stripes from his uniform minutes before one of his hearings. He was discharged within weeks of graduation, denied even his degree.

    Or the President could tell them the story of gay sailor Allen Schindler, who sometime after writing in his diary, “If you can’t be yourself, then who are you?” was attacked by two other sailors, beaten so badly that the medical examiner described his body as looking like it had been “in a high-speed car crash,” whose mother could only identify her son by his tattoos. His 1992 murder added to Clinton’s motivation to try to open the military after taking office, only to be defeated by the Pentagon, etc.

    Mr. President, the choice is yours.

    Allen Schindler:

  • Paul

    Those fucking no good ass wipe do nothing dems.

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