The Department Of Justice Wants To Know How Often You’re Manhunting

Big Brother isn’t the only one who wants to spy on gays and other otherwise private citizens. Big Brother does too. In a new proposal that would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to track and retain usage information about their customers — from what websites they visit to their assigned IP addresses — the Justice Department claims law enforcement efforts are “stymied by a lack of data retention” and the problem is getting “worse.” Which means they want your telecommunications providers not only to keep track of where you’re going on the web, but maintain a log of those records should the FBI need them in the years to come. Is this an invasion of privacy on a monumental scale? You bet it is. Such requirements, while raising plenty of First Amendment flags, would mean your Manhunt, Compatible Partners, DaddyHunt, and TransPassions visits are tied to your online profile for…ever? You know, because the federal government is so good at keeping its own confidential communications, uh, confidential.

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  • Cloud9

    Is this something that is in effect already?

  • B

    No. 1 · Cloud9, “Is this something that is in effect already?”

    The de facto answer is “yes”, For example, there is an entry in facebook’s log files every time you look at a QUEERTY article such as this one (the little ‘find us on facebook’ frame is actually from the facebook web site. There’s a huge amount of tracking going on, mostly for the benefit of advertisers who drool over getting as much data about you as they can.

  • Simon

    Looks like only terrorist you have are sitting in your government. Good luck with fighting them.

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