The Dept. Of Justice Won’t Defend DOMA, But Enforce It They Will

Not sure why we chose a headline that sounds like Yoda said it, but it’s true nevertheless. Just in case you thought Attorney General Eric Holder’s vacating of a Board of Immigration Appeals decision meant the U.S. was gonna stop deporting gay bi-national couples it doesn’t. The parade of tears continues!

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  • the crustybastard

    Because the law is ENTIRELY predicated on the gender of one’s spouse, this is the administration embracing gender discrimination.

    If a federal act mandated that foreign women were forever barred from US residency through marriage to a US citizen (but allowed foreign men automatic residency through marriage to a US citizen), that law would be considered facially unconstitutional by any sensible person who knows what that term means.

    Indeed DOMA is considerably more egregious than my hypothetical, because my hypothetical only specifically singles out for discrimination one class of non-citizens. DOMA unlawfully discriminates against an entire class of US citizens.

    Every day that President Obama enforces a law he calls “unconstitutional,” he violates his oath of office and makes a mockery of the Constitution.

    And finally, FUCK YOU BILL CLINTON for making this abortion law, you hypocritical douchebag! Someday I hope to crap on your grave.

  • ewe

    I knew Obama was throwing everyone under the bus. But he knows gay people will be voting for him anyway so who cares. Why even bother bringing it up unless the topic of no representation is brought up?

  • the crustybastard


    Obama clearly assumed gay people were going to rush out to support Congressional Democrats last year too, y’know — as a reward for all their exceedingly fine pro-equality fierce activism during the first two years of his term.

    And yet, notsomuch.

    While the True Believers won’t stop believing, the rest of us did.

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