“The Devil Makes Gay Babies” Columnist Daniel Avila Comes Out Swinging

Daniel Avila, a recent Douche of the Week recipient for his stunning insight that homosexuality is caused in utero by the Devil, has come out with the “real” reason he was forced to resign.

Somehow we think it’s gonna have to do with Satan.

On November 4, Avila stepped down as a marriage advisor due to his Boston Pilot column that said, in regards to homosexuality, “the ultimate responsibility, on a theological level, is and should be imputed to the evil one, not God.”

Now, in a letter to the National Catholic Register, he claims he resigned because the furor over his essay was so “radioactive,” it was distracting the Church from its main mission: stopping gay marriage.

He also says he wasn’t wrong about old Nick Scratch making sissy fetuses, he just didn’t explain himself well enough.

Is this gonna be one of those “I’m sorry you feel that way” apologies?

In the letter, Avila explains:

” …I offered to apologize and resign voluntarily based on my own conscience and assessments. I was in a hole that I dug all on my own, and it was time to stop digging. My superiors and colleagues treated me with understanding, compassion and prudence. My resignation was not offered nor do I believe that it was accepted because anyone involved thinks that the Church’s role in the definition-of-marriage debate should be reduced. Instead, there is unanimity that the Church’s involvement should be strengthened without distraction.

My column touched inexpertly and incompletely on speculative matters (see e.g. the online critique by Jeff Mirus; see also Proverbs 12:1), on which the USCCB has taken no position, and yet which were related to the issues of marriage and family that were within the ambit of my official concerns. USCCB must advance the Church’s policy positions recognizing the inviolable dignity of every human being and the inalterable nature of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. These are not matters of speculation for the Church, but risked being obscured by the aftermath from my own speculations…

Unfortunately, some will take away from this the opposite and erroneous lesson that the Church and people of faith should refrain altogether from speaking out to influence policymakers and recede entirely from the arena of debate, or else risk being hounded from the podium as if the Church’s teaching on marriage itself harmed the common good.

So, Mr. Avila was a victim, not a bigot. Shame on all of you!

Source: National Catholic Register via The New Civil Rights Movement