‘The Devil Wears Prada’


This movie doesn’t come out until June 30, but we are so excited we can’t stand it.

The Devil Wears Prada follows a college grad who gets her “first job” as the personal assistant to a high-power magazine editor, who proceeds to psychologically torture the young girl to no end. The movie is based on a book of the same name, which is touted as fiction; but it’s widely rumored that the story is really about working for Anna Wintour, the Editor In Chief of Vogue. Meryl Streep, the star of the movie, has gone so far as to deny portraying any resemblance to the famed editor; but we’ve meet Anna Wintour, and judging from this clip, it would seem that the character is a dead-on portrayal, icy demeanor and all.

After launching our Queerty Book Club with My Lucky Star, one should be encouraged to read Prada before it hits the big screen; but who are we trying to fool? Obviously that’s not going to happen. So just watch the movie instead and revel in the fun.

Watch the clip here. [Yahoo!]

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  • Will

    I work in the Conde Nast building (although not a Conde Nasty myself) and I’ve had the displeasure of seeing the Devil in the lobby numerous times, wreaking havoc on, among others, the new guy at the security desk who dares not to know who she is.

    I don’t know why I always think of the movie Mommy Dearest when I see her.

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