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The Difference Between a Rachel Maddow and a Glenn Beck Commencement

From the Dept. of Of Course, over the weekend Rachel Maddow addressed the graduating class of Smith College, the all-lady college from Maddow’s home state of Massachusetts. And where did Glenn Beck deliver the commencement address?

Liberty University, of course. Where he cried.

But you would too, if Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. introduced you.

[flv:http://flv.crooksandliars.com/2010/05/GlennBeck.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/05/beckliberty1.jpg 650 400]

[News Advance; video via]

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  • ggreen

    Why shouldn’t a clown (Beck) speak at a clown college (Liberty)?

  • samthor

    Wow, Glenn Beck is so hard to listen too. I don’t know how others can watch that.
    Maddow had some great points about achieving the dream against all odds, I like that.

  • Baxter

    @samthor: I’ll sometimes watch Glenn Beck for the same reason I watch videos on YouTube about aliens infiltrating the government: conspiracy theorist nut jobs are kind of entertaining. The tears only make it better.

  • Sammy

    Ignoring that everything he says is complete drivel, he’s still an absolutely awful commencement speaker. I’d feel badly for those Liberty kids, but well, they are Liberty graduates.

  • richardporter

    The video of Glenn Beck looks to me like a film by shot by Leni Riefenstahl.

  • The Artist

    I’m starting my own university and PRINCE will be its president! PEACELUVBWILD!

  • Independently Minded

    LOL! CHANCELLOR Jerry Falwell. What a fitting title!

  • don't enjoy glenn beck

    … but to “independently minded”, you do realise that the current head of government of Germany is Chancellor Angela Merkel? I don’t quite understand how that makes bigoted Jerry Falwell having the same title funny?

  • Dave

    I love that he gets a stand-O for saying he couldn’t afford more than a semester of college. Socialism sure sucks…

  • paulcanning

    Rachel Maddow is just wonderful. That speech was spot on and it’s so so refreshing to hear her delivery.

  • Obiwan

    I apologize, but Glenn Beck is an adherent of the LDS, and Liberty University is a Evangelical-fundamentalist institution. Isn’t it kind of hypocritical for an organization that is a bastion of Evangelical orthodoxy such as Liberty University to allow a heretic to speak at a commencement service, especially considering all the polemics Evangelicals have traditionally spewed against the LDS faith.

  • Obiwan

    Bare with me one more time. Conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists believe that gays are going to burn in hell. Conservative evangelicals and fundamentalist believe that Mormons are going to burn in hell. So what is the difference if a gay were to give a commencement speech at Liberty University — Liberty University being a conservative evangelical/fundamentalist institution ? I feel a slight outrage about this matter because I grew up a conservative evangelical.

  • Jiffles

    Maddow is a handsome man.

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