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The Dirt Cheap NYC Apartments Secretly Handed Off Among Lesbians

A “low income” apartment building in New York City’s East Village might as well hang a “for lesbians only” sign out front, says one disgruntled (gay male) former district leader, who’s flabbergasted to see folks like Margarita Lopez (the former city councilwoman who earns $187,000/year as a Housing Authority board member) and Rosie Mendez (a current councilwoman) paying just $250 to live in the apartments rent-free. And while new tenants of the privately owned building — who must meet low income standards at the time of purchase to qualify — are supposed to be found “through a communitywide outreach program that will be nondiscriminatory,” according to contracts the residents sign, it’s basically an insider’s club where word-of-mouth availability moves units. Which means they’re handed off from one selfish lesbian to the next! [NYP]

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  • roger ramjet

    Hell, for cheap rent like that, I’ll eat some snatch!

  • Saywhatnow?

    Good for those lesbians. This story is stupid.

  • the crustybastard

    So the gay guy thinks the problem is that they’re lesbians?

  • JAW

    Damn… Sounds like it would make a great plot for a TV Show… perhaps a couple guys dress up in drag… and try to get one of the cheap apartments… Could be funny, esp. if the guys “pretended” to be straight


  • A.

    i miss bosom buddies…

    why do they need to be straight again?
    gay men pretending to be lesbians might be fun

  • roger ramjet

    @A.: Eeewww! What gay man could possibly play a lesbian convincingly?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @roger ramjet:

    Justin Bieber!

  • Steve

    Would be more funny if it were straight people being discriminated against for their sexual orientation.

  • ewe

    I don’t know if i believe this story. Even if true, how is this different than womens bars?

  • Justin N

    What blatantly sexist article! What gives?

    Really. Why not let the issue be the alleged corruption and nepotism? MUST it have devolved into a finger-pointing at “those selfish lesbians”?

    Jeez. And, it’s friggin’ 2010, already… Evolve.

    Such gratuitous use of the word “lesbian” as some sort of slur is not just enormously stupid, it’s enormously vile.

  • adman

    Yep, sounds like an American city to me, except scratch the lesbian angle and add everybody. Connections, baby, life in the city. Deal.

  • Andro

    It’s us womens’ way of helping each other to the top. We stopped begging and now we’re winning some games. You go girls!

    Consider how many US presidents and corporate CEOs hail from old boys’ clubs such as the Skull and Bones (2 George Bushes) and I’d say we women need to have our own clubs too. The bigger the better.

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