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The Dirt Cheap NYC Apartments Secretly Handed Off Among Lesbians

A “low income” apartment building in New York City’s East Village might as well hang a “for lesbians only” sign out front, says one disgruntled (gay male) former district leader, who’s flabbergasted to see folks like Margarita Lopez (the former city councilwoman who earns $187,000/year as a Housing Authority board member) and Rosie Mendez (a current councilwoman) paying just $250 to live in the apartments rent-free. And while new tenants of the privately owned building — who must meet low income standards at the time of purchase to qualify — are supposed to be found “through a communitywide outreach program that will be nondiscriminatory,” according to contracts the residents sign, it’s basically an insider’s club where word-of-mouth availability moves units. Which means they’re handed off from one selfish lesbian to the next! [NYP]