Before Nicki vs. Mariah: 6 Diva Feuds That Rocked Pop Music

Michael Jackson vs. Prince

Michael Jackson (may she rest) was one of the greatest performers of the 20th century, but that didn’t keep him from being jealous—particularly of that Sexy Muthafucker, Prince. “MJ asked me why people didn’t think of him the same way they though of Prince, as a serious songwriter,” Black Eyed Pea’s will.i.am told Vibe. “It was a shock to hear that from such an iconic artist.”

The Purple One was also naturally competitive and opted out of Jackson’s 1985 “We Are The World” benefit single, as well as a proposed duet with Jacko on Bad. Then Prince included this lyric on his album 2004 Musicology: “My voice is getting higher/And Eye ain’t never had my nose done/That’s the other guy.” Even during his final days, the King of Pop allegedly expressed fears that God might give his ideas to Prince.

It should be noted that things weren’t always intense between the two icons, who were known to play basketball. We’re assuming it went something like this.